Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Boston Marathon Will Never Be the Same

The news of the explosions near the finish of the Boston Marathon yesterday has really hit me hard.  While I never thought running a marathon could be this dangerous, I also never thought that I could potentially be this close to being at a place that is targeted for a bombing.  My heart is aching for all runners and spectators who witnessed this tragedy.  I was both a runner in Boston in 2009 and a spectator in 2010 when I was injured and unable to run the race.
You don't have to be a runner to understand the magnitude of the Boston Marathon and the honor to run the event.  It's the only major marathon that you need to qualify for so not only have you spent months training to qualify, but you've also dedicated a tremendous amount of time to actually train for Boston.  Family and friends travel from all over the country and world to watch their loved ones complete this lifelong dream.  It also happens to be Patriot's Day in Boston so local Bostonians have the day off work and join in on the marathon celebration.
Thankfully, I'm pregnant this year and wasn't able to run Boston but it was definitely a thought that crossed my mind last September when I ran BQ'ed and PR'ed at the Akron Marathon.  Besides wife, daughter, and friend, the other word that best describes me and most people associate with me is runner.  I had one phone call, numerous texts, and several facebook messages asking whether or not I was running this year.  I also knew quite a few people who were either running or working the event but luckily, everyone is okay...shaken up, but okay.  A lot of my really good friends and my brother are runners that have run Boston before and could have been there again this year.  It's just a scary thought and really hits close to home.  Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones but this has been a rough 18+ hours since I heard the news.  The photos and video of the explosions are unimaginable.  The Boston Marathon, and many other marathons, will never be the same.

Mile 25 of Boston 2009

Finish Line 2009

Near the finish line on Boyleston Street spectating in 2010

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was affected by this tragedy.

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Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

My heart is absolutely broken over this. I have never run in the marathon but as a Bostonian, I have celebrated many Marathon Monday's and like so many others, look forward to this day all year. Boston is forever changed.