Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Warm Weather Weekend

It looks like the weather is finally turning the corner from winter for good as we had weekend temps in the 60s & 70s which will continue throughout the week. Thank god because it was a long, cold winter and I'm definitely ready for some warm weather.  85 degrees anyone?
Todd & I are lucky this spring & summer in that we, for once, don't have a ton of booked weekends already.  We only have 1 wedding this year (seems like most of our friends are married and now we're in the "having kids" phase) and it's not until the end of June.  With that being said, we already have lots to do to get ready for Baby Rodrick at the end of the summer. 
After a short 4 mile run on the treadmill Saturday morning (yeah, it was nice out but I was up at 6:00 AM to run and it was still dark out), my Mom & I went to the Powell Mom2Mom sale that was just down the street from my parents' house (and only a couple miles from our house).  Even though we still don't know if we're having a boy or girl, I'm all about starting to stock up on books and toys.  Almost everything I got was $1 and everything was in really good condition.  I can't believe I lasted 16 weeks without buying anything and that these were our first purchases for Baby Rodrick! 
I think we got 12 books, a few plastic toys, and a couple Melissa & Doug puzzles

The sale started at 8:00 AM and when we got there a few minutes till 8:00, there was already a line out the door for the sale to start.  There were a lot of good deals on strollers, bigger toys, swings, etc and like I said, almost everything was in really good condition.   I just wasn't really sure what we want yet so I stuck to books and basic toys.
I ran some more errands after the sale, including a stop at Target.  I'm glad I stopped because I found an awesome new workout tank top that is going to be perfect as my belly starts to grow.  I'm hoping they go on sale soon so I can pick up a few more in different colors.
Fit and Flare Tank by Champion at Target; I got it in pink but they also had black, aqua (below), and a yellow/lime green
While Todd was busy working on the closet in the nursery, I took some time to start filling in my new pregnancy memory book my Mom bought me.  I still can't believe I'm already a couple weeks into the second trimester!

I cleaned the house from top to bottom and did four loads of laundry before deciding it was time to relax.  We started watching the Final Four games and finished watching the game while we ate dinner at The Rusty Bucket.
Their deep fried pickles are delicious
After dinner, we watched Argo which I surprisingly really enjoyed (and actually stayed up to watch the whole thing).

Sunday morning included a great 5 mile run in some warmer temps.  Todd ran with me so I had some company which always makes the run a lot better.

While Todd continued to work on the closet, I went to my friend's house to start planning a baby shower I'll be hosting in June.  We got the majority of it planned and really only need to figure out a few more menu items.  We're definitely not procrastinators. 
The normal Sunday afternoon activities followed including grocery shopping and teaching Spin/TRX.  One of my regular participants had a baby a few months ago and she was back to class on Sunday.  She looked great and said she lost the weight easily and contributes a lot of it to working out while pregnant.  This was definitely encouraging to hear and I'm hoping to same will be true for me.
Todd & I have a Sunday night tradition of getting pizza and watching a movie.  This weekend we had Taranto's pizza (one of my absolute favorites!) and watched Sky Fall.

And to show you all how hard Todd worked this weekend, he managed to change the closet doors in the nursery from sliding doors to french doors.  He still needs to paint everything, put on the handles, and put the trim back up but I know he was very proud of his handiwork on Sunday afternoon.  This project ended up taking quite a bit longer than he expected but it turned out great.

After taking out the old sliding doors and tearing down the frame
The hardest/longest part was cutting out the places on the door and frame for the hinges....it took him over an hour just to put the hinges on one door

Celebrating his hard work with a beer


Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

I'm going to a consignment sale this weekend, too, even though I'm not quite sure what we need. Guess I better get there early!

BeckyJo606 said...

I love the goodies you got at the consignment sale! I definitely am going to be looking for a jogging stroller in the next few months and I think a consignment sale is a great place to find them. As far as losing the baby weight--I'm sure you'll have no problem! I am 5 weeks post baby and I'm below my baby weight. My body looks nothing like it did before, but I know that will get better soon!

Nikki said...

Good haul! I always buy used toys and books. You can get such good quality for stuff for cheap!