Thursday, April 18, 2013

Weekend Trip to IKEA

Over the weekend, Todd & I made a road trip down to Cincinnati to go to Ikea and buy some nursery furniture.  I can't believe we're already at the point where we are buying furniture for Baby Rodrick's room.  Time is starting to fly by!

First things first though, we actually ordered the crib on Friday night.  Target was having a baby sale and we had been looking at this one for the past month or so and we decided to order it.  It arrived on Tuesday so putting it together is on our to-do list once we paint the nursery.

Now on to our adventure at Ikea....

If you've never been to Ikea, do yourself a favor and find one ASAP and allow yourself at least 2 hours to wander around.  We actually had a list of things we were looking for but once you walk through the display rooms, you will without a doubt, find more to buy.  I love the completed look of the display rooms to give you an idea of how the furniture will actually look and how to decorate.

This hood is on Todd's wish list for our kitchen

We liked these lamps but can't buy it yet until we know whether Baby Rodrick is a boy or girl

We actually spent significant time in the children's section, which was a first...typically we skip right over this area

We were loaded up and ready to go

So what did we buy?

Our main reason was to pick up this dresser.  It will also double as our changing table with changing pad on top.


We also bought a few picture ledges to hang in the nursery and will add photos and prints later on.

For $3.99, these spice racks are a steal but unfortunately they didn't carry them at the Ikea in Cincinnati.  My parents are going to Pittsburgh in a few months and Todd & I will be around that area too when we go to my family's cottage in July so we should be able to still get them.  I would just order them online but they don't offer that option for these.

And this is what we are planning on doing with the spice racks....turning them into bookshelves!

We also bought a few non-nursery items to spruce up our new dining room furniture.  We bought this bowl and decorative balls.

The final look with our new chevron table runner


Nat said...

I could spent so much money at ikea! We got the 3 drawer Hemnes dresser for our changing table- I just put it together over the weekend!

Lauren jonczak said...

Great post. Congrats on the baby! I love Ikea. My fiance and I were just there getting things for his sister's baby shower. We walked out with backpacks full of little baby things that we just could not walk away from. I had no idea Ikea had so much baby stuff.