Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nursery Closet Makeover

Todd & I are well on our way at getting Baby Rodrick's room ready for his/her arrival in September.  First task was to redo the closet.  It had sliding doors and one long wire rack across the top.  I had seen several ideas on Pinterest, showed Todd, and he said he could do it.  I should note, he said he could do it in one weekend but it ended up taking about four weekends of working on it for a few hours here and there.
My inspiration #1

My inspiration #2
He had to tear out the sliding doors, frame, and trim of the original closet

After a couple weekends, he had the hinges on the new doors and put them up to make sure they fit

Doors are in but just for a short bit....they still needed painted as did the frame and the trim needed to be put back up.....oh, and they were still missing door handles

A couple weeks later, the closet is complete and we painted the room gray

The lighting here isn't great but I am in love with the closet

Close up of the organizer and split shelves

The organizer is from Walmart

And we'd like to add a few of these baskets from Pottery Barn Kids to a few of the shelves

I had my doubts while Todd was working on it just because it ended up being more work than I anticipated but like I said, he proved me wrong and it turned out great!  So excited to start filling it up with clothes.


Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

I am so jealous of that closet!! We painted our nursery gray, too!

Shannon Dew said...

Oh that looks FABULOUS! So organized! I might have to have Jimmy recreate this bc right now Baby Brother's closet is a hot mess!

Meghan said...

It looks amazing! I bet it will be so adorable with tiny clothes!