Thursday, June 20, 2013

Surprise Blogger Baby Shower

On Tuesday night, I had a girls' night planned with some of the Columbus blogger girls.  We've had a few girls' nights planned recently so when this one was planned, I didn't think any differently about it.  I was pretty excited too because Holly was going to have Chipotle catered for free! Brittany picked me up and we headed out to Johnstown for a "deck warming" party at Fletcher's house.  We pull up & we're told to stay put in our car for a few minutes.  Shannon pulls in behind us and is told the same thing.  Kinda weird but I'm starting to realize something is going on because we're the 3 pregnant bloggers. 

A few minutes go by and we're allowed out of our cars and head up to the deck.  At first, I thought all the white boxes on the table had our Chipotle in it and was impressed they packaged each one up individually until I look over and see a sign that says "Blogger Babies!"  I was blown away that these amazing ladies had thrown us a surprise baby shower.

Looks like it's straight off of Pinterest

Delicious sandwiches, pasta salad, and fruit kabobs with strawberry lemonade (or champagne punch for the non-pregnant girls)...the girls even made all the food!

As if having the party wasn't enough, we each received BB Blocks (a cute way to document how much our babies are growing each week, month, and year) as well as 5 books for our babies to enjoy and a Chipotle gift card.  They gave us Chipotle gift cards because clearly it wasn't actually being catered that night.  The girls needed to think of a reason why we shouldn't bring food to the get together since they were making it all so they came up with that.  Although, it's not a total lie because Holly said she really can get free catering for us sometime.  Anyways, the girls felt bad about lying about Chipotle to three pregnant women because when the initial group text went out that we were having Chipotle, we were all SO excited.  Kinda funny now in hindsight since we had no idea what they were planning.  In fact, they had started planning this a couple months ago and even our husbands were in on it!
Gifts for the #cbusbloggerbabies

The, Shannon, and Brittany

Side view of our bellies...I'm due September 22, Shannon is due August 19, and Brittany is due August 29

Lindsey & I

Hanging out around the table

The dessert spread was also fabulous

End of the night shot with everyone

It was a great surprise and even better evening with all these awesome girls!  I'm so thankful to have met them through this little blog of mine.  Thank you Lindsey, Lindsey, Holly, Emily, Fletcher, and Alicia!  I know I greatly appreciated all the time and effort you put into the evening and I'm sure Brittany & Shannon did too!


Shannon Dew said...

I'm so thankful to have met all of you girls!!! I may be stealing some of your pics ;-)

Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

Aw! I love this! Looks like a great time! I'm so jealous I don't live near any of my blog friends :(

Ashley Voyles said...

This is so great! :)

lindsay said...

what great friends! too funny about the chipotle "let down" :)