Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bump Update: Week 33

How far along: 33 weeks & 3 days

Size of baby: A little over 17 inches, weighs a little over 4 pounds, and is the size of a durian fruit (no idea what that is)

Weight gain: 17 pounds

Maternity clothes: Maternity pants/shorts and regular & maternity tops & dresses

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks contractions...I've been having these for a couple months now but last Saturday morning, I started to have them more frequently and got a little nervous especially since we were heading out of town.  Todd made me relax on the couch and drink lots of water and they eventually started to subside to a more normal rate.  I think I was just dehydrated and need to slow down sometimes...I'm always on the go!

Gender: Lots of pink & lots of's a girl!

Exercise: Running & teaching 6-7 days/week although my low back/SI joint started hurting (which is non-pregnancy related because I had the same issue last Oct/Nov) so I might have to speed walk instead of run a few days this week

Food cravings: Dr. Pepper, Cheetos, and hot dogs (nice and healthy)

Food aversions: Nothing

Movement: Love watching my belly move all never gets old and I'm always entertained by whatever she's doing in there

Sleep: Sleeping great (still!) but just need to start going to bed earlier because I've had lots of early days at work this week (sleeping in this week was getting up at 5:45 AM, the rest of the days I was or will be up between 3:00 AM--4:45 AM)

Looking forward to: Maternity photos at the Park of Roses on Sunday morning

Best moment of the week: My baby shower with Todd's family last weekend

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Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

I'm so jealous of your sleep! I'm having the hardest time sleeping! :( I could also totally go for a Dr. Pepper and some cheetos! Yum!