Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekly Recap: August 19-25

Another week down without running but my back all of a sudden started to feel back to normal over the weekend so I'm hoping to attempt to run a few miles this week.  I went to the chiropractor and also had a prenatal massage last week and I'm thinking maybe that contributed to my back feeling normal again.  Either way, I'm just excited it doesn't hurt to walk around anymore!

Workouts last week consisted of TRX, cardio drills, and Spinning....still feel great doing these workouts with (hopefully) less than a month to go until Baby Rodrick arrives!

Monday: 30 min TRX/Cardio workout at home

Tuesday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX

Friday: 30 min TRX/Cardio workout at home

Saturday: 45 min Spinning at PAI
2 mi walk w/ Todd

Sunday: 50 min Spinning at PAI

TOTAL: 0 mi

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