Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekly Recap: September 9-15

Running has now changed to fast paced walking for the most part.  I was excited on Saturday morning though when Todd & I headed outside and I was able to run 1 mile in 9:06!  I started to get a side stitch towards the end of the mile though and had to walk before running another 1/2 mile. 

I have to tell myself though that I'm only days away from having a baby so I should be happy that I'm still teaching a full hour of Spin/TRX and able to walk at a fairly brisk pace (4.2-4.4 mph on treadmill) with no pain or discomfort. 

Monday: 30 min TRX/cardio workout at home, including 0.50 mi of running on treadmill (9:15 pace)

Tuesday: Taught 1 hr Spin/TRX

Wednesday: Run/walk 2 mi on treadmill in 27 min (mostly walking w/ a few min of running here & there)

Thursday: Taught 1 hr Spin/TRX

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Ran 1 mi (9:06 pace), walked 1 mi, ran 0.50 mi (9:48 pace), walked 0.50 mi; 1.5 mi running total & 1.5 mi walking total

Sunday: Run (6.0-6.2 mph)/walk (4.2-4.4 mph) 2 mi in 26:06 (again, mostly walking w/ a few min of running here & there)

Walked ~2 mi w/ Todd in the evening

TOTAL: 2 mi

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Laurie said...

I need to get back to PAI to see you before the baby comes! Maybe Thursday morning! Just a few more days!!