Friday, November 29, 2013

Lucy at 2 Months

2 months on November 29, 2013

It was funny to go back and read Lucy's 1 month update because I feel like she hit 4-5 weeks and we now have a totally different baby on our hands.  She is so happy first thing in the morning and will have a huge smile on her face when I come and get her in the morning.  She'll "play" on her activity mat or blanket and smile & coo for awhile.  She is very alert and we can tell she's focusing on whatever she's looking at whether it's our faces or a toy.

Now that the bottle issue is resolved for the most part, our focus is on trying to get her more comfortable with other people.  Since I'm with her most of the day everyday, she definitely knows who I am and will be less fussy with me than anyone else.  My parents see her a few times a week and Todd's family has been with her a few times too so the more we are with others the better.

Lucy also had to have an ultrasound this month when she was 6.5 weeks old.  Her belly button still had some drainage and the pediatrician was afraid her bladder was leaking into her belly button and it could be urine.  If this was the case, Lucy would have to have surgery to repair the problem but the ultrasound came back normal.  I was really nervous but just this past week, it seems like the drainage is gone and her belly button is finally healing.  She lost her umbilical cord at 8 days old and the pediatrician said that was pretty early so it might have just taken longer to heal.

Weight: We won't know until her 2 month appointment on December 12

Length: We won't know until her 2 month appointment on December 12

Clothes: Newborn clothes & diapers until about 7 weeks and then we switched to size 1 diapers (although they're still big on her & she's had multiple blowout and we don't know if it's because the diapers are too big or if it's because she's only pooping 1-2 times/day now instead of 5-6 times/day) and 0-3 month clothes.  She can still wear newborn onesies but we only have short sleeves ones and with the temperatures dropping, she needs long sleeves. The 0-3 month clothes are hit or miss with how they fit and it depends on the brand but it seems like the majority of them are still too big.

Eating: Big news this month was she finally starting taking a bottle around 7 weeks.  She still won't take one 100% of the time but it's definitely a huge improvement!  I'm breastfeeding most of the time and pumping in the morning.  During the day, she'll eat every 2-3 hours and typically every 1-2 hours a few hours before going to bed.  She's been sleeping through the night now for the most part so she'll go 8-10 hours overnight without eating.

Sleeping: Sleep has been so much better this month!  She usually takes 3-4 naps during the day with one long (1.5-2.5 hour) nap later in the afternoon.  Her other naps are anywhere from 30 minutes-1 hour.  During her longer nap, I'll swaddle her and put her upstairs in the Rock 'n Play with white noise and she's usually out for awhile.  This is the same thing we do at night.  Her other naps are usually in the carrier strapped to me or in my arms although she just started taking a pacifier this past week and will sometimes sleep in the swing if she has that in.  At night, we are so lucky that she is already sleeping through the night!  She'll go down between 9:00-10:00 PM with little to no fuss and will sleep about 7-10 hours before waking up.  If she wakes up after 7-8 hours, she'll eat and then go back to sleep for a couple hours.  If she sleeps 10 hours, she'll eat and be up until her first nap.  I honestly have no complaints about her sleep!  In fact, most days, I'm up for a few hours before she is and am able to work out/run, shower, and get some stuff done around the house before she wakes up.

Likes: Being held by Todd & I, sleeping in the Rock 'n Play, being swaddled at night, eating, looking at lights & out the window
Dislikes: Being held by other people (sometimes), being put in the car seat, getting a bath

Milestones: First Halloween & Thanksgiving, first trip to Leetonia to visit Mama and Papa, first real smile at 6 weeks, first ultrasound, first shopping trip at the mall


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BeckyJo606 said...

I am so happy to hear that Lucy's belly button is ok! That had to have been so scary. I am also glad to hear that things are getting easier on the sleep front! One of my cousins pointed it out to me that being born is probably one of the most traumatic things that will ever happen to us, so of course it takes babies awhile to adjust to life on the outside! Makes sense! Happy 2 Months Lucy!