Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Perfect December Weekend

We had quite the busy but fun weekend--crossing lots of things off our to-do list and also squeezing in a day date for Todd & I.
Saturday morning started with a meeting with our new insurance agent.  We figured it would take less than an  hour yet somehow we were walking out 2 hours later with a new life insurance policy.  While I stayed home with Lucy, Todd went to Lowes to pick out our Christmas tree.  He picked out a great (and really big!) tree but unfortunately with all the ice & snow we got on Friday, the tree was soaking wet and we had to keep it in the garage most of the day to dry out.  Once we did bring it in that evening, we had to pile about 10 towels all around the bottom of the tree because it kept dripping water.
Lucy all decked out in her scarlet & gray for the Big 10 Championship game

We spent the rest of the afternoon braving the crowds at the mall and doing some more Christmas shopping.  I think we're a little over halfway done and hope to finish this coming weekend.  It's a lot harder this year to get out with a 2 month old in tow.

Lucy easily went down to sleep on Saturday evening right when the football game was starting so Todd & I were able to watch it together and relax for a bit.

On Sunday morning, I made a delicious Cinnamon French Toast Bake for breakfast and we started to decorate the Christmas tree.  As I mentioned above, Todd picked out a really big tree and it was quite a bit bigger than last year so we didn't have enough lights.  After stopping at 3 stores who were all out of the lights were needed, we ordered them online and will have to finish the tree once those come in at the end of the week.

Cinnamon French Toast Bake

Our big plan for the day was to take Lucy over to her grandparents' house so Todd & I could go see a movie!  It was the longest I'd ever been away from her and after a few hours, I was starting to miss her but was really glad we were able to take time for Todd & I to go on a date.
All smiles before our date

We saw Catching Fire and both loved it

The rest of the day was spent grocery shopping and getting ready for the week ahead.  My parents must have really tired Lucy out too because she went to bed on Sunday night at 7:45 PM and slept almost 12 hours straight!

Todd & Lucy

Our almost finished Christmas tree...you can see that there are no lights on the top third and we still need to push it back closer to the wall and add the tree skirt

I love that we have 3 stockings to hang this year!

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BeckyJo606 said...

Your tree looks so pretty!! My mom had to do the same thing with her tree--she just left it outside for a few days to melt. ;) I love the three stockings too. So many things to celebrate!