Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekly Recap: December 2-8

I was planning on running 7-8 miles yesterday but after staying up late on Saturday night to watch the Ohio State football game, I decided I'd rather get the extra sleep before Lucy woke up than get up early to run.  Hoping to run 25-30 miles this week on top of teaching 3 classes.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX
3 mi (7:44 pace; 8:02, 7:46, 7:23)

Wednesday: 5 mi (8:16 pace)

Thursday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX

Friday: 5 mi (8:08 pace)

Saturday: 5 mi (8:29 pace)

Sunday: Rest

TOTAL: 18 mi

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