Tuesday, April 1, 2014

First Taste of Food

We decided to wait until Lucy's 6 months appointment to start on solid foods.  She had really been starting to show some interest in food in the past couple weeks so we knew she'd be pretty excited to try food.  Our pediatrician said we didn't have to start with rice cereal so we decided to start with sweet potatoes, both pureed (we bought Gerber's, sorry, I'm probably not going to be making pureed baby food) and steamed.  We are trying to do a combination of spoon-fed eating with the purees and baby led weaning where she can feed herself with the steamed food.  Overall, her first experience with food was a good one and we'll be moving onto avocados and green beans this week.
Giving Lucy her first bite of food 
She was pretty excited

and she wanted to feed herself

Definitely messy!

Playing with the spoon

Onto steamed sweet potatoes

Trying to figure out how to get it into her mouth

Going back for more

and some more

At this point, we put a bib on her and took her headband off to finish the "meal."  We didn't put one on to start with just for the purpose of taking pictures which is why she's just wearing a plain white onesie.

Attempting a sippy cup but I'm not sure if she really even got any water

Todd giving it a try


Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

So cute! I love the headband and onesie for pictures! We will probably also be eating in headbands! :) Can't wait to get started next week!

Nat said...

So cute!! Good luck with all the different tastes and textues- you'll be amazed with what they love and hate!

BeckyJo606 said...

I was kind of sad when we started feeding Henry table food, but he was SO excited about it (and has been ever since!) that it ended up being really exciting for all of us. We did make Henry's food, but honestly I think baby led weaning is the way to go--he LOVES feeding himself! Lucy is so cute!

Val said...

My son was born just a few days after Lucy and I totally stopped reading blogs regularly. It's fun to see the similarities! We are doing a combo baby-led weaning route too, so I'd love to hear how it's going now. I'm still so nervous about him choking, though I know I'm supposed to "trust" that he'll spit it out. We're starting late with him because he just had a minor mouth surgery (had his tongue/lip tie revised), but are now ready to jump in full force.