Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lucy's First Trip to Houston

We survived our first "vacation" with Lucy!  Todd, Lucy, and I, along with my mom, left last Friday morning for a long weekend trip to Houston so we could visit family and they could meet Lucy.  I was really excited to see my family (Grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins) that I hadn't seen in over a year as well as see my brother and his girlfriend.  They live in San Francisco but were also flying in for the weekend. I was really nervous though to travel with Lucy since she'd never flown before.
Our flight on Friday was at 6:00 AM so I got up at 3:45 AM (really not that big of difference from when I normally get up though!) and got Lucy up at 4:15 AM.  She was wide awake all the way to the airport and even at the airport despite it being so early.  Luckily, she fell asleep on the plane right before take off, slept for almost an hour, was up and played in our laps for a little bit, and then fell asleep again when we were landing.  She was perfect and I couldn't have asked for a better flight.  
Boarding the plane

Playing with Todd

She was more excited about the magazines in the seat back than in her toys

Once we landed, we picked up our rental car, made a quick Target stop to pick up a pack of diapers and a present for my cousin who is pregnant (so excited for her & her husband!), and then did an early check in at the hotel to change clothes and reorganize the diaper bag.  We had lunch at Panera and then drove out to my aunt & uncle's house to visit them and my Grandma. 

Lucy was so excited to meet her Great Grandma
Four generations
Todd & Lucy walking around outside....the weather was perfect in Houston (80 degrees and sunny!) so we actually had to break out Lucy's new sun hat

We visited and hung out all afternoon and then headed out to dinner with them where we met up with my cousin and her husband as well.  We had dinner at Dekker's, which was literally down the street from my aunt & uncle's house, and had a great time.  I'm so glad that Lucy is able to sit in a high chair now because she is so much happier than sitting in her car seat or sitting in our lap.  It was a long day for all of us but especially Lucy since she was up so early and was totally on a different schedule than what she's used to.  She didn't nap quite as much as she does at home so she was ready to go to bed by the end of dinner. 
Dinner at Dekker's

It was a long night on Friday night because Lucy didn't sleep that well.  She was in a crib in our hotel room and woke up at 3:00 AM crying.  We got her back to sleep but she'd start crying as soon as we put her down in the crib.  I ended up sleeping with her on my chest in a chair and she was up for the morning by 6:00 AM.  Todd kept her entertained while I headed across the hall (the fitness center was only 4 steps away) to run 4 miles on the treadmill.  Once I was back and showered, Lucy was already ready for her first nap.  After her nap, we met my mom for breakfast at the hotel and waited for my brother and his girlfriend to meet us since their flight didn't get in until really late the night before.  Another one of my aunts also came to visit us and meet Lucy.

I think my brother was a little bit more comfortable with Lucy this time since she's bigger but he still seemed a little unsure about this whole baby thing

Lucy and Aunt Barbara

Uncle Jeff holding Lucy again (!) and Meghan keeping Lucy entertained

We went to lunch at Rudy's and met another one of my cousins there that I hadn't seen in quite a few years.  Lunch was going great until Lucy pooped on herself and needed an outfit change.  We were smart though to pack three times as many outfits on the trip than we really needed.

Enjoying some good Texas bbq

Eating & talking

Me & Lucy

Todd & I took a quick break from all the family time after lunch to go to the mall.  Of course, it figures that after we got back to our car, Lucy needed another outfit change.  We eventually made our way over to my aunt & uncle's house again for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  We were having dinner at their house along with a surprise birthday party for my mom who turned 60 on Monday.

Lucy with her Great Grandma and Grandma

My uncle getting the brisket ready for dinner

It was so nice to be able to eat outside and it was great to have so many extra hands watching Lucy so Todd & I could get a little break

Todd & Lucy walking around the yard again....she loves to look around at everything and soak it all in

Family photo

Meghan & Todd playing with Lucy

Birthday cake for my mom

Blowing out the candles

Everyone moved back inside for cake & ice cream

We were convinced that Lucy would sleep great on Saturday night but we were completely wrong.  She slept even worse than on Friday night and was up crying from about 1:00-2:30 AM before I put her in the ergo carrier and let her sleep in that which meant I didn't sleep that great.  She is such a great sleeper at home and I think the time change, her lack of naps, and being in a different crib/room all threw her off.  Heck, this was the first time she'd ever slept in the same room as us so we didn't even know how it would be.  I skipped my run on Sunday morning for more sleep since I was going on about 4.5-5 hours for the past two nights.  After we got ready and had breakfast, the family came over to the hotel for one last visit before we had to leave for the airport.

More snuggles with Great Grandma

Lucy was loving it

My cousin, who is due in October, held her

before being passed to my uncle & aunt

and ending with Jeff & Meghan

Family photo of Jeff, Meghan, Todd, me, Lucy, my mom, and Grandma
Jeff & Meghan's flight was around the same time as ours on Sunday afternoon so we were able to have a late lunch with them at the airport before boarding our plane.  Lucy wasn't quite as good on the way home but only fussed/cried a few times for a few minutes.  I think I was just ready to be home though and was tired so it was still frustrating but looking back, it could've been a lot worse on a 2.5 hour flight!

Hanging out with Grandma for a bit on the flight home

 I'm so glad we were able to make the trip down to Houston and I know my family was really happy to finally meet Lucy.  It's a lot different traveling with a baby than it was before so I'm not sure how much traveling we'll actually be doing in the next few months but I'm happy this trip went relatively well....besides the sleep issues at night!

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BeckyJo606 said...

I'm sorry Lucy's sleep was off when you were traveling! That is so hard--but I think the ergo idea was really brilliant. The pictures you have of your family there are so sweet and I'm sure you love them. I also loved your tip about taking 3x as many clothes as you thought you would need--very smart!