Monday, May 26, 2014

Weekly Recap: May 19-25

I can honestly say this is the first full week of 100% rest that I've had in a LONG time.  I know it's bad when I have to find subs to teach my Spin/TRX class. My back issue turned into a nerve issue and my left big toe, the top of my foot, and along the outside of the shin and ankle have been numb for over a week now.  I had an MRI last week and will head back to the doctor tomorrow to find out the results.  It's painful to walk, not because of the numbness, which is just weird, but because of the excruciating pain in my lower leg.  I know it stemmed from a back issue but it's funny how my back now feels pretty normal.  Hoping for a treatment plan I can start ASAP so I can resume somewhat normal activities.  It's been brutal with the amazing warm weather and not being able to even take Lucy out for a walk around the neighborhood or walk around the zoo.  I know this is bad to say but why couldn't this have happened to someone who is lazy and doesn't like to constantly be on the move and stay active?

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

TOTAL: 0 mi

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