Thursday, August 28, 2014

One of the Last Summer Weekends

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over and of course, the weather finally got hot!  We took full advantage of the hot & humid temps this past weekend and tried to cram in as much as could with an almost 11 month old in tow (I just can't get over that she's almost 1!)
Friday night we headed to our church's annual festival

Lucy wasn't too impressed at first but she loved watching all the kids on the rides

Todd & I getting a moment to ourselves while my dad walked around with Lucy

We spent part of Saturday at Zoombezi Bay
and then spent the evening with this handsome guy while my parents had Lucy overnight

After we picked Lucy up on Sunday morning, we went to the grocery store.  This is probably one of her favorite things because there are so many people to flirt with and wave hi to

During her morning nap, Todd & I made homemade meatballs....random, I know, but we've been talking about making them for months

In the afternoon, we went back to Zoombezi Bay for probably the last time this year

After Lucy's 2 hour nap, she had fun pulling off all the books on her shelves

She was just so cute sitting there on a pile of books

And this could be one of my favorite photos of her....she's obsessed with her toothbrush!  Whenever we have her in our room, she immediately makes a beeline for our bathroom and grabs her toothbrush & toothpaste that sits on the edge of the tub and then carries them around


Mosey Prose said...

Her little swimsuit with the ruffle is soooooo adorable! And so is she obviously!

Amanda@runninghood said...

She's getting so big!! So sweet. A moment to yourselves...ah, this is is hard to come by for a few years of parenting but that makes it so much sweeter.