Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Celebrating Our Anniversary

Our 3 year anniversary was last Wednesday and Todd & I had plans to spend the day together with Lucy.  He was taking the red eye back from LA on Tuesday night and was supposed to get home around 10 AM and I had the day off from work.  Of course, the day didn't go quite as planned when Todd's flight from LA to Chicago left late which meant he missed his connection from Chicago to Columbus.  He was on a stand by for a later flight but didn't make it on.  He was pretty happy to make the next flight he was on stand by for but didn't get home until 3:30 PM.  He was tired from flying all night and sitting around the airport most of the day so we didn't do anything big on our actual anniversary and were happy we ended up being able to see each other.
We like to celebrate most major occasions with Raising Cane's

Anniversary cake and presents (even though we said no presents)

We ordered a small cake from Piece of Cake from the Short North, where we got our wedding cake from, and get the same flavor that our topper was....vanilla bean cake with almond filling

Our big night out to celebrate our anniversary was on Saturday evening.  My parents were not only watching Lucy while we went to dinner but were going to keep her the entire night.  It was my first night away from her (Todd has been away from her several times due to traveling for work) and while I knew I'd miss her, we were kinda excited to have the night (and next morning) to ourselves.  Plus, I know Todd was looking forward to actually sleeping in!  Poor guy has been getting up every morning at 4:55 AM to leave for work by 5:15 AM.

Todd & I

Lucy didn't seem too sad that we were leaving her

Dinner at Hudson 29 was delicious!
We started with the Surf & Turf sushi roll
I had their cheeseburger and fries

Todd had the St. Louis ribs with coleslaw and fries

And we got complimentary Texas sheet cake for our anniversary

Celebrating 3 years!

Since we didn't have to be home early, we headed to Zauber Brewing in Grandview
Zauber just started serving their own beer on tap last Thursday so it was necessary for Todd to get a sampler to try them all out

Enjoying our evening
We had such a great evening out and the good news is that Lucy did great staying at my parents' house.  She slept great and had fun playing with Grandma & Grandpa!

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Sarah said...

Sounds like a great night! Leaving Noelle for the first time a couple weeks ago was hard but it was nice to have the night/morning to ourselves again. So refreshing even though we were itching to get back to her!