Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What We've Been Up To....

I was still off work all last week from my back surgery so while my mom was here helping me with Lucy, we took advantage of the time together to take Lucy to get her fitted for her first pair of real shoes!  We went to Stride Rite and picked out the cutest pink & teal sneakers for her. She instantly looked older once she had them on and was cruising around the house.
About to get her feet measured

 Look at my big girl with shoes!

On Thursday evening, Todd had organized a social function for his coworkers at a Clippers game.  He did the same thing last year and all summer everyone was asking when he was going to plan it for this year.  It was such a hit that he had double the people come this year...close to 90 people!  The weather was perfect and we had a great time taking Lucy to her second baseball game.

Todd was in charge of carrying Lucy around in the Ergo

Never gonna turn down free wine samples!

Lucy hanging out eating dinner in her seat watching the game

Over the weekend, our only big plans were to go to Lucy's best friend's 1st birthday party.  Olive was born just 6 weeks before Lucy so it's been fun to watch them grow up together.  The party was a hit and all of our babes had a blast playing together.

Lucy taking a ride on daddy's shoulders

Olive was hesitant for just a few seconds with her smash cake but then dug in once she realized how delicious it was

Going to town

A picture of everyone watching Olive eat her cake

Lucy tried to eat a party hat while Olive ate cake

Family photo

Selfie family photo

Lucy loved playing with baby Caroline and was squealing as she tried to tickle her legs

Lynn helping Olive open gifts

Lucy crashed for a couple hours after the party and once she was up, we ate dinner and let her play in just her diaper which was the cutest thing.

Working it for the camera

Strike a pose
Even though the weather report of some rain on Sunday, we packed up and went to the zoo for a little bit.  Luckily, it never ended up raining but that also meant it was really humid!  We were at the zoo long enough to check out the Africa exhibit and see the polar bears.
Watching the giraffes eating

Another view of the giraffes in the distance

Lucy got excited when one started to come a little closer

After the zoo, we had a lazy rest of the day and called it a weekend.

Lucy rocking a Mohawk with her toothbrush hanging out of her mouth....she seriously loves having her teeth brushed!

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