Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Visiting Family for Birthday Celebrations

We spent the past weekend visiting Todd's family to celebrate our nephew's 8th birthday.  On our way up to Leetonia on Saturday morning, we stopped at the J.M. Smucker Company Store & Café in Orville.  We pass the sign for it every trip and never stop and figured we'd finally check it out.  We were disappointed the factory isn't right there so we didn't get to go on a tour or anything but we shopped around in the store and read about the history of the company in the "museum" portion of the store.
Entrance sign
Picture perfect day

Walking into the store...we were surprised to see how many other brands are owned by Smuckers, including Jif, Folgers, and Pillsbury

A brief history of the company

I ended up buying some flavors of things I've never seen in the store including Chocolate Chip Swirl bread, Parmesan & Herb bread mix, Hush Puppy mix, and Chocolate Pretzel sundae topping

After our visit at Smuckers, we drove just a few miles down the road and had lunch at the Dalton Dari-ette, our traditional stop for lunch or a snack.  We ordered our food and were going to eat at the picnic tables they have set up (there's no indoor seating) but bees started to attack Lucy's food so we had to pack up and eat inside our car.  It wasn't an ideal situation but it was pretty funny to see Lucy in her highchair in the backseat.

Todd & Lucy

Once we got to my in-laws' house, we visited for a few hours before going to Todd's sister's house for our nephew's OSU themed birthday party (and to watch the football game!).

Dessert table....Todd's mom made this awesome cake
Lucy loved playing with her older cousin, Audrey

Opening up birthday presents....by the way, Lucy was loving her grandparents' dog (the white dog in the picture), I'm pretty sure she kissed him no less than 20 times while we were there

Lucy helping Andrew with his presents

and then Lucy opened a couple presents too since a few people won't be making the trip for her party this weekend

Lots of tissue paper

She liked her new puppy
Blowing out the candles

MaMa & PaPa with their grandkids

Lucy got her own little cake too

She dug in but she didn't like her hands covered in icing and started crying

We stayed the night with Todd's parents and went to church with the family on Sunday morning.  After a delicious breakfast of waffles and pumpkin dessert, we packed up and headed back home. 

MaMa, PaPa, and Lucy

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BeckyJo606 said...

The OSU cake looks amazing! I am sure Rob would love that. :) One of my friends used to work for Smuckers and she would get crazy coupons for Jif, coffee, and all kinds of other stuff that I had no idea were part of their company.