Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lucy's 1st Birthday

Even though we're throwing Lucy's 1st birthday party on Saturday, we still wanted to celebrate on her actual birthday.  Todd & I both had to work on Monday so I woke Lucy up to get her ready for her morning at Grandma's and took her 12 month photos.  She was in a great mood right when she got up.

Still waking up but happy
Here's the birthday girl!

After I picked Lucy up from my mom in the early afternoon, we went on a short walk and then she took a nap to rest up for her big evening.   My parents were planning on coming over for dinner, presents, and cupcakes.

Relaxing in the stroller
 After dinner, Lucy was ready to open presents

She had no problem ripping right into them...I think Christmas is going to be awesome this year!

Just a little spoiled with all those presents
At times, she was more excited about the wrapping paper than the present itself

Such a happy, sweet girl
Unwrapping more presents!

She loved this new puzzle
Talking on her phone
Sitting on her present from mom & dad

 Dad helping her unwrap it
Loving her new Pottery Barn Kids chair

Singing happy birthday

You can't tell but she actually blew out the candle!  My mom had been teaching her and they'd been practicing for a few weeks cream!

Trying to get every last drop

Sugar high

Reading her new book with Grandpa before bed
All in all, I'd say Lucy had a fantastic 1st birthday and we can't wait to celebrate with our family and friends this weekend!

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