Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Recap...Oink Oink!

I was pretty excited for Halloween this year because Lucy was actually able to trick-or-treat and walk to a few houses.  Most of the towns & cities surrounding Columbus had their trick-or-treat night the night before Halloween but our area always likes to have it on October 31.  Unfortunately for us this year, the weather was much worse on our night...cold & rainy!  The only good thing though was that since it was chilly outside, Lucy actually kept the hat part of her costume on her head unlike when we went to the zoo the weekend before.
I can't resist the holiday themed shirts
All dressed up and ready to go get candy

Hanging out with our cute little piggy

I swear Lucy's in there somewhere!

I love this picture...it looks like she's dancing

Walking to the neighbors' house

She spent most of the night trying to eat the candy wrappers

My dad passed out candy while we took Lucy out....I hope he didn't scare off all the kids!

Lucy sorting out her candy at home

And then she walked around with handfuls of it for the next half hour
She must get her sweet tooth from me
I couldn't get enough of her costume...she was so cute!

And her tail! 

Still trying to get the whoppers out of the package
Lucy did manage to get an M&M package open and ate a few...whoops!  She seemed to have a great night, much different than last year when she was only about a month old, and I know each year will get a little bit more fun!

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emily said...

she is so adorable, especially as a piggy!