Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lucy at 13 Months

13 Months on October 29, 2014 
Less than one week after Lucy's 1st birthday, she took her first few steps on her own!  I knew she was getting so close to walking last month and she finally took 3-4 steps the day after her birthday party at Grandma & Grandpa's house with Todd & I, her grandparents, and her uncle & (soon-to-be) aunt watching.  We were all sooo excited!  That first week after she started walking, she still crawled most of the time and every day would get a little bit more confident and take a couple more steps.  I think she was up to about 10-12 steps by the end of that week.  The second week was a different story!  Things really clicked for her and she was walking non-stop and if she fell down, she didn't even try to crawl, she'd just stand back up and start walking again.  I'm still not quite used to hearing the pitter patter of her feet on our hardwood floor and seeing her little face peak around the corner if I'm in the kitchen. 
She seems to be a little bit clingier this month too which I read can happen between 12-18 months.  She definitely isn't attached to my leg but for the most part, she likes me (or Todd) to be in the room with her.  If I go to the bathroom, she immediately follows me and hangs out.  We went to a few parties this month and it takes her a little bit to warm up to adults, especially males, but she has no problem giving hugs to other little babies & kids immediately.  As long as she has someone or something to play with, she's happy.
I think I've said this the past couple months but I think she's finally getting more teeth!  It looks like I can start to see something white starting to poke through the top of her gums and I'm praying she's going to have her two front teeth by her next monthly update.

Weight: I'm guessing around 21.5 pounds, her next appointment is in December (she was 20 lbs 11 oz on September 30, 2014 at her 12 month appt)

Length: I'm guessing around 31-31.5 inches, her next appointment is in December (she was 30.5 inches on September 30, 2014 at her 12 month appt)

Clothes: Lucy is wearing 12 month, 12-18 month, and 18 month clothes (size depends on brand) as well as size 3 diapers and size 4 shoes.  A lot of the 18 month clothes are still really big on her but I hadn't bought a ton of 12 month clothes so we're making do.

Eating: She pretty much eats anything and everything at this point and we're typically giving her the same thing we're eating for dinner most nights.  We gave her peanut butter this month too and she had no problem with it....thank god!  Breakfast is around 8:00 AM, lunch is around 12:00 PM, and dinner is around 6:00 PM with a snack after her nap in the afternoon around 4:30 PM.  I'm still using my freezer stash of pumped milk and will probably run out this month so we're slowly starting to add some whole milk to it to transition her.  I really don't think it'll be a problem because she will pretty much eat anything we give her and am hoping it will be the same for what she drinks.

Sleeping: Again, nothing has changed in the sleep department except she has been skipping a nap every few days or it's taking a lot longer for her to fall asleep for naps. She usually takes 2 naps, one around 9:30/10:00 AM and a second one around 2:30/3:00 PM, and they're anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.  She goes to bed at night between 7:30-8:00 PM and gets up between 7:00-7:30 AM.

Likes: Walking & being on the move, reading books (especially ones with flaps!), playing with the TV remote (we took the batteries out of an old remote...aren't we tricky!)

Dislikes: Being told no (especially when it involves crawling onto the fireplace), not getting food or a drink from us fast enough

Milestones: 1st birthday party (October 4), started walking!! (October 5)

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emily said...

Laughed at the part about her warming up to males because I can just think of the shrills coming out of her when Thom held her!!