Saturday, May 9, 2015

Houston: Day 2 & 3 (Galveston & Wedding)

On Saturday morning (day 2 of the trip), Todd, Lucy, my parents, Jeff, Meghan, my cousin (Alicia), and her 7 month old son (Parker) drove about 20 minutes southeast to Galveston.  We walked around The Strand, which has a bunch of different shops and restaurants, saw the cruise port where a Carnival ship was docked, had lunch at Millers Seawall Grill, and walked along the beach.  It was Lucy's first time at the beach and while she was a little hesitant to put her feet & hands in the sand, she quickly changed her mind and before we knew it, she was running into the water and picking up handfuls of sand.

Lucy's pack & play set up in the room

Lucy's bed head (her hair was so curly, more so than normal, because of the humidity down there and I was loving it!)

Millers Seawall Grill

Lucy was very entertained by Parker the whole weekend

Eating lunch

View of the boardwalk with rides from the beach

Nervous to put her feet in the sand

and then she realized it wasn't so bad

Walking with Grandma (the matching outfits were not planned)

Anytime we'd let go of her hand, she'd run into the water

Todd & I with our sweet girl

Digging her toes in the sand

Getting her feet wet

She just wanted to keep walking as far down as she could 

Waving to the ocean

So happy to be at the beach

Alicia & I with our babes

The whole crew

Lucy passed out for over 2 hours once we got back to the hotel

That evening was my cousin's wedding at the Tuscan Courtyard.  The ceremony was simple and sweet and we had a fun time dancing at the reception.  The barbeque food was really tasty too!  Lucy wouldn't sit still long enough to enjoy any of the food and spent most of the night doing laps around all the tables, "playing" with Parker, or dancing with our cousins.

The wedding ceremony was outside and we kept Lucy entertained (and quiet) by letting her play with Todd's phone

Inside the reception

Our table

Sweet & salty snacks (caramel popcorn and seasoned pretzels)

Wedding cake on the left and the groom's zombie cake on the right

Lucy spent most of the night dancing with her cousins

Posing for the camera

She gets her dance moves from Todd

Family photo

Dancing with mommy

and with daddy (you can tell she's getting tired here but she was such a trooper and stayed up until 10:00 PM)

Prom prose

Loved hanging out with Jeff & Meghan

Before we know it, it was Sunday morning and we were spending our last few hours hanging out with family in the hotel lobby before we had to drive back up to the airport.   Lucy did great again on the flight and only got a little whiny right when we were landing which probably had to do with the fact that it was 8:00 PM and she hadn't napped at all that day.

Ellie & Lucy kept each other company most of the morning, along with Ellie's other siblings
Watching a Daniel Tiger DVD
We got home around 9:00 PM and since Lucy hadn't napped, she was exhausted.  When we went upstairs, she ran straight into her room and literally was trying to scale her crib to get inside it so she could sleep. 

We crammed in a lot for only being in town for about 48 hours and I feel so spoiled that we got to see a lot of my family twice in just a few months---in Sonoma for Jeff & Meghan's wedding in January and again in Texas for Shawn & Dana's wedding.  Not sure when we'll all be in the same room again but I'm hoping to be able to see some of my extended family at some point in 2016.  The good news is that Jeff & Meghan will be in Columbus over Memorial Day weekend for a friend's wedding so we'll get to see them again in just a few short weeks.

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