Wednesday, June 17, 2015

10 Year UD Reunion

Last Saturday was my 10 year reunion at the University of Dayton.  Part of the reason we didn't stay the full week in Outerbanks was that I had already planned for almost a year now to meet up with some of my old college roommates for the day, including one who flew in with her family from Colorado.  I hadn't seen a couple of my roommates (who were also my cross country teammates as well) since my baby shower 2 years ago so to say I was excited to see them would've been an understatement. 
After meeting a few of Todd's friends at the Worthington Farmers' Market in the morning, we made the 1.5 hour drive to Dayton and arrived a little before lunch.  Our first stop was to the bookstore so I could get a new t-shirt and Lucy could get a hoodie for basketball season next year.  We walked around campus for a bit, which seems like is always changing and under construction, and then met my friends at the food truck & craft beer event they had set up in one of the campus parking lots.  I ran into a few other people, including another one of my cross country teammates on the men's team, that I used to hang out with quite a bit.  We weren't anticipating on it being as hot as it was outside and we all quickly realized the kids weren't going to last outside too much longer so we ended up walking over to one of the dining halls and had lunch there.  Surprisingly, the food was pretty much how I remembered it and the M&M cookies were still very tasty!  My friends and I talked for a bit and caught up on our lives before letting the kids run around outside in the fountains.  We had a great time for those few hours and it's always nice to have those friends that you can just pick up right where you left off even if a couple years have passed.
Todd & Lucy walking around the ghetto (the student neighborhood)

Our house senior year: 3 Evanston

St. Joseph Hall

The chapel

I even ran into the university President, Dr. Dan Curran, while we walked around campus

 Dana, me, Kelly, and Shimmer with some of our kids

Playing in the water

Lucy's 1st trip to UD
Just a mile or so from campus is Carillon Brewing Company, which historically brews beer as they did back in the 1880s, complete with the brewers and servers all wearing authentic costumes.  After a long afternoon sweating in the sun, we decided to head over here so Todd could try some new beers.  The place itself was really interesting and you could watch them brew the beer from where we were sitting at the bar.  Lynn (my lifelong friend that also went to UD), Nathan, and Olive joined us shortly after we got there so we were able to spend some time with them as well.  We headed back to Columbus around 4:30 PM and Lucy slept the entire ride home although the 1.5 hour drive seemed like nothing after our long drive to Outerbanks last week.
Carillon Brewing Co.
 Outside of the building

Our view from the bar area....they were brewing both right in front of us as well as up above on the second flood

Todd & his taster flight

I got an authentic cream soda

Lucy hung out in her highchair with some snacks and a book

Lynn & I with our girls

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