Monday, June 15, 2015

Outerbanks: Day 3-5

I didn't really mention much about where we stayed in Nags Head but we had a 4 bedroom house, Sister Seas, right on the beach in the Sea Pointe community.  It was great and I loved how easy it was to walk back & forth from the house to the beach and then to the pool, especially with Lucy, so if we forgot something it was only a minute walk to get it.  The room that we stayed in had a small walk-in closet which became Lucy's bedroom while we were there.  Her pack & play fit in there perfectly!
Sign for our community 
 Front of the house from the driveway

View of the kitchen & living room area
My favorite part of the house was the bird's nest area that was off of the living room and had fantastic views of the beach & ocean

View from our deck
The back of the house from the walkway 

View of the beach from the end of the walkway
 Lucy's closet

We really lucked out with the weather on our trip and both Monday & Tuesday were beautiful with temps in the 80s and lots of sun.  Both days we started at the beach and then would head to the pool.

Lucy getting out her sand toys (and you can see Todd walking back to the house in the background)

Digging holes with daddy

The first day we were at the beach, Lucy didn't spend much time in the ocean but on Monday & Tuesday, she probably spent more time in the water than playing in the sand

Lucy & Todd

Running around

Part of the family hanging out

Cousins aka trouble

The three of us

Lucy & MaMa with their sun hats

Playing in the pool


On Monday evening, we had dinner at Hurricane Mo's Beachside Bar & Grill in Kitty Hawk and then drove to Hatteras National Seashore at sunset for some family photos.  It was beautiful and we got some great pictures.  Todd was even able to fly his kite that he bought 8 years ago on his last trip to Outerbanks.
The 9 of us

For once, we got a picture with all of us smiling and looking at the camera

Lucy loved running up & down the sand dunes

Grandkids photo

It really was picture perfect at sunset

Todd flying his kite...which was a lot harder than I actually thought it would be
We drove by the Bodie Island lighthouse before going back to the house for the night

On Tuesday, our final full day at Nags Head, we went down to the beach with my in-laws and then joined the rest of the family at the pool before lunch.  After lunch, we drove a few miles to Kill Devil Hills to visit the Wright Brothers National Memorial.  This is where the Wright Brothers made their first attempts at flying.  It was cool to see but I lose interest quickly at a lot of these historical sites, plus it seemed more humid that day, so I was hot & ready to leave after a half hour.

Todd with Lucy & his parents

Another day of playing in the sand

Everyone at the pool

 Add another stamp in Lucy's passport book!

Replica of the airplane

Those stone markers indicate the first places the Wright Brothers landed their airplane; they were much more successful on their 4th attempt and made it another 700 feet (you can't even see that marker in this photo)

Lucy & I at the 4th marker

We drove over to this monument to get a better view of the field they flew in and to also see the ocean
Further down on the walking path on the left is where those stone markers are at 

We had a really good dinner that evening at Miller's Waterfront Restaurant followed by ice cream at Scammell's Corner Surf Shop and Ice Cream Parlor.  The food was excellent (and you even got complimentary hush puppies to start with instead of bread) but I loved the views of the waterfront while we waited to be seated.
The 3 amigos

You were able to walk out on the pier and wait there until your table was ready

Lucy & Andrew looking at something

Todd & I with Lucy and our niece and nephew

Me & Lucy

Lucy had fun running up and down the pier

We were up early on Wednesday morning to get started on our long drive back to Columbus.  Luckily, Lucy was so much better on this drive and it only took us 13 hours (with 4 stops) compared to the 15.5 hours on the way there.  Although it was a short trip with a long drive, I know we're glad that we were able to go and vacation with our family.

Lucy driving a car at Chick-fil-A during our breakfast stop

Letting her play to burn off some energy before sitting in the car again

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