Thursday, July 9, 2015

Trip to Our Cottage in Laporte, PA: Day 3-5

Friday was a beautiful day up in the mountains of Pennsylvania and we started the day by driving to Eagles Mere, the next town over to Laporte, to walk around the lake.  It was a bit muddy and sloppy so Lucy walked a little bit but I ended up carrying her at least half of the 2.5 mile loop.  We stopped a few times too to take some family pictures.
View of the lake which we walked all the way around

Lucy & Grandpa venturing onto the path

We always have to stop and take a picture on the bridge

Lucy leading the way
I love all the flowers and plants along the walk, it almost feels like we're walking through a jungle at certain points

One more family photo in the gazebo on the dock

After our walk, which ended up taking an hour & 15 minutes, we went back to the cottage for lunch and then packed up for an afternoon at Lake Mokoma.  Lucy immediately ran to the beach area and started playing in the sand before making a beeline right into the lake.  The water was pretty chilly but that didn't stop her from walking quite a ways out.  Todd was with her the whole time and she just kept trying to climb over the rope to get to the deeper part.  I swear this girl of ours has no fear!

Lunch on the porch

It was fairly crowded at the lake that afternoon
Todd & Lucy playing in the sand

Squatting in the water

Filling her bucket up with sand and water

She loved to squat in the water and walk around while squatting

View of part of the lake from the beach area
 Still playing in the sand 
Making friends

Proof that I was actually there too

Group shot on our way out to the car

After a couple hours at the lake, we went back to the cottage so Lucy could get a short nap in before meeting our whole group for dinner at High Knob Inn.  A few more family members had come into town that day so our group was now up to around 25 people.  High Knob Inn is typical greasy bar food but it really hit the spot that night and it was fun to be there with everyone.  Afterwards, Todd, Lucy, me, and my dad made a quick stop in Eagles Mere for ice cream at the Sweet Shop.  Todd, Lucy, and I shared an ice cream cone since we had just eaten dinner and Lucy pretty much ate the majority of it once she got her hands on it.  We stopped by the houses after for a half hour or so before going back to the cottage to start a fire in the fireplace for Lucy to see.

High Knob Inn sign
Possible Christmas card photo

The Sweet Shop

That's my girl!

I'm surprised she actually shared with me

Back at the houses sitting around the fire

Lucy in her PJs enjoying the fire

Nightly s'mores

We woke up on Saturday, the 4th of July, to pouring rain.  We were really hoping it would blow over by late morning so we could take Lucy to the parade in Eagles Mere but it didn't clear up in time.  It was cold outside too (I think it was only around 60 most of the day) so we made a late breakfast of homemade biscuits, bacon, and eggs.  We had a lazy morning and then drove back over to Eagles Mere to check out some of the shops and show Lucy the train exhibit that's set up at the Eagles Mere Museum.

Double decker biscuits

Todd & Meghan chowing down on the bacon
4th of July picture (so sad Lucy couldn't wear her cute red, white, and blue dress since it was cold)

 Grandpa showing Lucy the train

Our last night in Laporte was once again spent at the houses where we cooked out, took family pictures, spent time hanging out around the fire pit, and watching my uncle set off some fireworks.  I thought Lucy might get scared but nope, she giggled and wanted to see more.

Such a cutie and she definitely has the posing for pictures thing down

Cooking out for the 4th (there's one of the houses in the background)
The whole family/group
 Smaller group picture (and that's the second house in the background, they're right next door to each other which is awesome with our big group because we can spread out into both the yards)

We had to get up early on Sunday morning to clean up the cottage and do the laundry before more family arrived later that day to stay there the following week.  We were able to squeeze in one more family photo before saying good-bye to Jeff & Meghan (who we probably won't see again until early next year) and my dad.  We survived the drive (Lucy was perfect, she's very content with the iPad and DVD player!) and made it home just in time for dinner. 

One last picture before heading out for our drive home
We had a wonderful few days away (but then again, when do we ever have a bad vacation?) and I'm hoping we don't have to go another 2 years before seeing some of my family again.

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