Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekly Recap: August 24-30

A new gym, T&J No Limit Fitness, opened a quarter mile from our house (I can run there in less than 3 minutes) and I received a flyer in the mail to try out a free week. I checked out their facebook page and it seemed like a legit place with decent classes (at least from the pictures) so I went on Monday morning for their Shred class and was immediately impressed!  I went back on Friday for their Blast class and again yesterday morning for another dose of Shred.  Their Shred class is a combo of strength and cardio (10 min blocks where you do 2 strength moves and 1 cardio move for 1 min each and then repeat twice for a total of 9 min of work and then 1 min of rest before moving on to the next round) and their Blast class is high intensity cardio (Tabata style workout where you do 2 cardio moves and 1 strength move for 20 sec followed by 10 sec of rest and then repeat twice for a total of 4:30 min).  Anyways, it kicked my butt and I really liked the place.  Big plus for me is that the early morning classes are at 5:30 AM and the place is so close I'm back home by 6:35 AM and still have time to get ready for work and get Lucy up & ready without rushing around too much.  Plus, they have a Sunday morning class at 8:00 AM and it's next to impossible to find classes that early on a Sunday. Luckily, my System of Strength class pass has almost run out so I'm going to switch it up the next few months and buy a class pass for T&J No Limit Fitness.  You know how most women collect purses or shoes?  Well, I like to collect gym memberships.

Monday: 1 hr Shred class at T&J No Limit Fitness

Tuesday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX; 1 hr barre3

Wednesday: 4 mi (9:16 pace)

Thursday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX

Friday: 1 hr Blast class at T&J No Limit Fitness; 3 mi w/ Lucy in the jogging stroller (9:06 pace)

Saturday: 3 mi (9:27 pace)

Sunday: 1 hr Shred class at T&J No Limit Fitness

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