Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Weekday Evening Fun

After looking back at some pictures from this summer, I realized there were a few things I never posted about.  

First up was Lucy's second year of swim lessons at the Y.  We went 2 nights per week for the month of July for a total of 8 lessons. She was in the same class as last summer (6 months-2 years) but wow, what a difference a year makes in this class!  I remember last year, the instructor would tell the kids to blow bubbles or jump in and Lucy didn't have a clue what was going on.  It was more to get her used to the water.  This year, she loved jumping in and cried a few times when swim lessons were over because we had to get out of the water.  She is our little water baby and was very comfortable in the water. 

Lucy & I at the beginning of her first swim lesson

Learning to kick her legs and scoop her arms to swim to the ducky

Practicing swimming from daddy to mommy

Floating on her back

Jumping in

Also in July, we went to the Powell library one evening when they were having a program with the Columbus Zoo.  I knew they'd bring in some animals but I was imagining they'd have the boring or tame animals like a turtle or a snake but I was wrong.  They had some awesome animals to show off including a sloth, a penguin (!!), a kangaroo, an armadillo, a leopard, and a snow leopard.  Lucy lost interest towards the end so we went outside to play on the playground for a little bit.

Bringing in the sloth

Loved that the penguin was just waddling around checking everything out

As it walked by us

Albino kangaroo


Family selfie

At the park afterwards

And last up, we went to our second Clippers' game of the summer last Monday evening.  For the past few years, Todd has organized an outing to the game with his coworkers so we also invited my parents along.  It also happened to be dime-a-dog night which makes it even better.

Taking pics before the game

Lucy was too busy eating hot dogs to take a picture

Oh yeah, I'd say she's enjoying it


Riding in the jeep

She was a little startled when it actually started moving when we put a token in

Lucy loves cutouts just like her mom

Posing with Grandpa

Hanging out with Grandma & Grandpa

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