Friday, January 29, 2016

Trip to the Bay Area: Day 3-5

With 2 days of our trip down, we had 2 more full days ahead of us before a travel day back home.  Since it was the weekend, Jeff was off work so we were able to spend time with him as well as Meghan & William.  They planned a great Saturday with brunch and a trip to a children's museum for Lucy and then on Sunday we had a brunch planned at one of Todd's friend's house who lives nearby. We enjoyed every minute of our visit but were still sad to leave on Monday morning.

Day 3 (Saturday, January 23)

Tried out another new fitness studio for a circuit-style class 

We drove to Sausalito (which is on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco) to have brunch at Le Garage

View of the boats from brunch

We spent most of the afternoon at the Bay Area Discovery Museum which was perfect for Lucy; she had a blast running around and playing while William slept

There were several different buildings to go into with different themes as well as lots of outdoor play areas (not something I'm used to at a museum in Ohio since it's so cold for part of the year)

Outdoor water table

Outdoor puppet show with daddy

Discovery Hall, one of the buildings, had an interactive exhibit about life in China so Lucy was able to go to the Chinese market...

Jeff & Todd played ping pong...

and Lucy and daddy rode a scooter

We also spent a lot of time playing outside at Lookout Cove

She made it to the birds' nest

Really fun afternoon!

View of the Golden Gate Bridge from the museum entrance

We all went out to dinner that evening at Drake's Dealership and we were able to sit in the outdoor area which was really cute!  There were string lights and lots of heaters so it was definitely comfortable

Best family pic we could get

Another taster tray for Todd

Day 4 (Sunday, January 24)

Since Todd has quite a few friends that have moved out to the Bay Area over the last 4-5 years (the number keeps growing each year too which makes me sad), one of his friends offered to host a brunch so we were all able to get together and all the kids could easily play too (I think there were 15 adults + 8 kids)

Todd, Lucy, and I with Meghan, Jeff, and William

The whole group (a few people had already left at this point)

We ended up staying at our friends' house for awhile so once we got back to Jeff & Meghan's, we just decided to relax the rest of the afternoon/evening and Todd got in some practice for baby #2

Lucy just couldn't get enough of William

Day 5 (Monday, January 25)

One more chance to hold him before leaving

Waiting to board the plane

She apparently was pretty excited to look at the Southwest magazine from the seat back pocket

More stickers!

The flight home went just as smoothly as the flight out there.  Lucy played some games on the iPad and watched a few episodes of Daniel Tiger so I was actually able to read my book for a couple hours while Todd watched the in-flight entertainment.  It was a long day since our flight left Oakland at 1:30 PM and we didn't land in Columbus until close to 9:00 PM but Lucy was a trooper (lots of snacks helped) and we were so glad we were able to make the trip out there to visit.  We already miss Jeff, Meghan, and William and can't wait to see them again...hopefully sooner rather than later!

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