Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lucy's Big Girl Room

After months of planning, we finally finished putting together Lucy's new big girl room last week and she's now been sleeping in there since then.  She's done great so far and has only gotten out of bed to go to the bathroom (since she is out of diapers overnight, we told her to get out of bed and come into the hallway if she has to pee since we probably wouldn't hear her in her room when we're sleeping). I knew once I got pregnant with baby #2, we'd want to transition Lucy from her current room and crib into her new room so we could leave the other room as the nursery for several reasons: 1) the nursery is the room right next to ours so it's much closer and easier to hear a baby crying at night (Lucy has never slept in our room a single night and we plan to do the same with baby #2) and 2) by the time we have the baby, Lucy will be turning 3 a couple months later so instead of converting her crib into a toddler bed, we decided to just leave the crib for the new baby and go right to a twin bed for her.  

Lucy's new room is what used to be our office/junk room so Todd's goal was to finish the storage room in the basement so we could move a majority of the stuff from the office/junk room down to the new storage room.  He finished it towards the beginning of January so we cleared out the room, moved the desk into our guest room (which I guess is now our guest room/office), Todd painted the room a few weekends ago, and was also putting together all of Lucy's new furniture.  Our last step was to buy a twin mattress so once we did that a couple weekends ago, the room was pretty much set.  Lucy & I spent an hour or so one afternoon moving all her clothes, books, and some other miscellaneous things into her new room.  

The color palette for her room is mint green and peach/coral with accents of gold.  It was next to impossible to find similar shades of peach/coral for everything so a few things are slightly different shades but I'm really happy with how the room turned it.  Besides our master bedroom, her room is the next biggest room and even though we bought quite a few pieces of furniture, I feel like it still seems a little empty.  We're thinking of moving her play tent into the corner next to her bookcase to fill up some space and to clear up some space in the play room/exercise room for when we need to start bringing back out the baby toys for baby #2.  While her room is pretty much complete, I do still need to work on her closet a bit.  It's a weird closet because it's over the stairs so it has these really big, deep shelves/steps.  I think I might actually buy a smaller cube unit to put inside to at least have a place to organize her shoes.  

View of her room from the door way (we did put bed rails on either side of the bed too to prevent her from rolling out of bed)

Once you walk into the room, her bookcase is to the left

Lynn designed these 2 prints for us; the left one says "And though she be but little she is fierce" and the right one says "She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes"

That's the corner we're thinking about putting her play tent in (although it will probably drive me crazy that it's pink & purple and won't match)

Another view of her bed (the tassle garland was my inspiration for the room)

Cube storage unit with more books, stuffed animals, and a few toys

Across from the bed is her dresser (same exact one she had in the nursery and we'll have for baby #2) and the door to the left is her closet

Bookcase: Target
Print: Designed by my friend, Lynn
Night Stand: Target
Gold Polka Dot Bin: A Crafty Hen on Etsy
Headboard: Target
Peach/Coral Sheets: Target
Gold Polka Dot Quilted Bedding: Pottery Barn Kids
Tassle Garland: Love Garlands on Etsy
Cube Unit: Target
New Pink Bins: Land of Nod
Mint Bins: Target (it looks like they don't carry that color anymore)
Dresser: IKEA
White Mirror: Target

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Sara said...

This is adorable! I love the color scheme and the prints Lynn made are awesome!