Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Spring Fever

What an amazing weekend we had!  You definitely can't complain about 60+ degree weather in February in Ohio!  Lucy & I started our weekend off on Friday with a trip to the mall, running some errands, and making banana bread.  

Working on her new number puzzle

Playing at the Polaris Mall

I still send Todd random pictures of Lucy during the day when I'm home with her and I loved her little grin she gave me while eating lunch

Someone was excited to make banana bread!

On Saturday, we couldn't pass up our first trip of the year to the zoo on such a beautiful day.  Of course, most of Columbus had the same idea because it took us 10-15 minutes just to get through the main gates of the parking lot; although, it didn't really seem that crowded when we were inside the zoo.  Lucy asked to see the elephants, polar bears, and alligators. We saw the first two but never got around to going to the reptile building. She was slightly disappointed the train wasn't running (apparently it doesn't run in the winter, even though it was open for the zoo lights, and starts back up again in the spring) but it'll be something to look forward to the next time we go.  For dinner that night, we went to Hofbrahaus and had great seats on the second floor overlooking the beer hall down below.  Lucy was captivated by the band playing and people dancing.

Checking out the reindeer in North America on our way up to see the polar bears

Sunny day with blue skies in February = perfect!

Posing with the brown bear...

and then Lucy tried to tell us she was as tall as the polar bear....not quite yet!

I was impressed that Lucy walked almost the entire time we were at the zoo but did want to take a snack break in the stroller when we saw the lions

Lions on the left and their baby cubs curled up on the right side

Cheesin' in front of the flamingos

We had to wait a little bit for a table so Todd enjoyed his beer while we waited outside

Another thing I love about the warmer weather....Lucy's curls are much more defined! She was slightly distracted by the people in the beer hall to look over for a picture

Finally got her attention and a smile!

Our view

Lucy eyeing our huge pretzel


I didn't take a single picture on Sunday because let's be honest, we didn't really do anything exciting.  I got up and ran on the treadmill, we went to the grocery store & Home Depot (we got glass knobs for Lucy's new dresser to make it look a little fancier), Grandpa (my dad) came over to see Lucy, Todd washed the cars, we went on a short family walk, and we ordered pizza for dinner. All in all though, it was a fantastic weekend and I cannot WAIT for the warmer weather to get here and actually stay here!  I'm so looking forward to spring & summer!

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the picture of her getting ready to bake is the cutest! :)