Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Day Weekend 2016

We had never really made a big deal out of Valentine's Day for Lucy the past couple years because she was still too little to really understand what was going on but this year, she was so excited to celebrate so we tried to make it special for her.  She had a Valentine's Day party at preschool earlier in the week and looked through all the valentines her classmates gave her every single day.  It was pretty cute!

On Friday morning after our trip to the YMCA, I surprised Lucy by swinging through the drive-through at Tim Horton's to get her a sprinkled doughnut.  She had the biggest smile on her face when she saw that it was a special Valentine's doughnut with red and pink sprinkles.

Pretty pumped about her doughnut

Going right in for the sprinkles on top (luckily, I was able to sneak in a couple bites before she completely destroyed it by eating the sprinkles and icing off the top)

On Saturday, my dad came over to give Lucy her special Valentine that he made for her (he's made me valentines every year since I can remember and started the tradition with Lucy when she was born) and play with her for a couple hours.

Opening her Valentine from Grandpa

He even made flaps for her to open up!

Later in the afternoon, Todd met one of his friends at the Daily Growler for their girl scout cookie beer tasting.  He said they got 6 girl scout cookies and a taster beer that complemented each cookie as well as a box of cookies to take home.  Lucy was napping during part of this time so I was just hanging out at home.  Since Todd & I didn't have any specific plans to celebrate Valentine's Day this year, we decided to at least eat dinner together and watch a movie on Saturday night so after we put Lucy to bed, Todd picked up Chipotle and we spent a few hours hanging out (before I fell asleep on the couch at 10:00 PM).

Todd's cookies and beers

Fancy Chipotle dinner at the coffee table

On Sunday, which was Valentine's Day, we made Lucy a special breakfast of heart pancakes with chocolate chips and whipped cream along with strawberries & raspberries.  She was loving it!  She also was surprised with a few presents from Todd & I along with a present from Grandma & Grandpa.

This is about as creative as I can get for a special holiday breakfast

All smiles with her breakfast and presents

Sugar high complete with chocolate on her face

Present time!

She got another Jake the Pirate lego set from Grandma & Grandpa and immediately started playing with it

"Reading" her cards

Opening her present from Mommy & Daddy

New coloring and art supplies

And of course a Charlie Brown book

The chocolate chips on the pancakes weren't enough for her sweet tooth so she had to have a piece of her Valentine candy too

One of my college roommates was in town from Colorado with her husband and 2 little girls so we met up at COSI along with a few other people we had gone to UD with and then had lunch at Barley's Smokehouse in Grandview.

Playing at COSI

Todd & his taster tray at Barley's

Definitely not a good picture of us but this was after we'd already been at the restaurant for 2+ hours so I'd say it's win considering there were 5 kids with us (Todd is taking the picture)

We didn't get home until after 3:00 PM so Lucy never went down for a nap and we played at home the rest of the day.  Once again, after we put her to bed (which was earlier than normal since she didn't take a nap....the one bonus of no nap), Todd ran out and got us Raising Cane's for our romantic Valentine's Day dinner and then I was in bed by 8:30 PM because I had to get up at 3:00 AM yesterday for work.  (Also, I swear we don't eat this much fast food normally but we had free Chipotle and buy 1 get 1 free Raising Cane's so we went the cheap route).  Even though it was pretty much a normal weekend for us, I felt like Todd & I were able to spend a little bit more time together and I know Lucy had a great Valentine's Day!

I will admit, I do actually really enjoy Raising Cane's....the sauce is what makes it so good!

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emily said...

The sweet tea and the bread from Cane's is what gets me. How do they make the bread taste so good?