Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Chilly Spring Weekend

It seems fitting for Ohio that it was cold with some flurries on our first weekend of spring.  We spent Saturday inside at COSI and we had our neighborhood Easter egg hunt on Sunday, which ironically, it was also really cold for last year.  Maybe next year Lucy won't have to be bundled up in her winter coat, hat, and gloves for the Easter egg hunt.

Our little doctor at COSI

Checking out some x-rays

My dad came with us so Lucy was showing him all her favorite parts of Little Kids Space including the mailbox

Water table (this was right before she managed to dump that entire scoop of water down her shirt, the smock does nothing to prevent her from getting soaked)

Riding a rocketship in the "Progress" exhibit

Talking on a payphone

Todd wanted in on some of the fun too

Lucy & Grandpa driving in the Lego exhibit

After COSI, we had a delicious lunch of peanut butter sandwiches & milkshakes at Krema

On Sunday, we walked down to our neighborhood park for the Easter egg hunt.  My dad doesn't get to see Lucy during the week like my mom does so he tries to spend time with her on the weekends and wanted to come with us.  She's always excited to spend time with Grandpa!  There were probably 20-25 kids at our neighborhood Easter egg hunt and unlike last year, Lucy wasn't the youngest one! There were plenty of eggs to be found and Lucy had a full basket.

Ready to find some eggs

There she goes!

She spotted a few hiding near this tree

The egg hunt is set up in a big open area and there were plenty of eggs and not a ton of kids so no one was fighting over any eggs; in fact, it doesn't even look like there were other kids there from these pictures but I promise you that there were!

Daddy even found one for her!

All smiles with a full Easter basket (and how did her hair get so long??)

Posing with Mommy & Daddy

After all the eggs were found, there was sandwiches, hot chocolate, and other snacks in the picnic shelter

Lucy & Grandpa opening some of the candy she found

Enjoying a Twix bar

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