Thursday, May 26, 2016

One-on-One Time with My Girl

I'm back to work today after taking off Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week to stay at home with Lucy.  At first, I was a little bitter that Todd was in Mexico for a wedding that he was in (initially, we were both planning on going but once word got out about the Zika virus, my doctor quickly nixed that idea) but realized the days of just me & Lucy hanging out by ourselves are quickly numbered as my due date will be here in less than 2 months.  Plus, Todd & I still have plans for a mini getaway to Florida in a couple weeks so I still have something to look forward to knowing we won't be going on any more trips until next year.  

So let's see, what did Lucy & I manage to cram into 3 days?  We ran a bunch of errands (Lucy is such a little trooper but I knew this was a good opportunity to get Todd's Father's Day presents), played at the mall, went to the Y, went to the park to play and have a picnic lunch, played with chalk, bubbles, and the water table, painted, and read lots of books.  We did a lot but I still felt like we had plenty of down time at home and she still got in her 2-2.5 hour nap every afternoon (my saving grace!).

I love her bedhead (Todd left for the airport at 3:45 AM on Monday morning so I sent him this picture of Lucy once she was up so he would see it when he had his layover)

Stopping by Grandma & Grandpa's to water their flowers after going to the Y

She did a great job

Her reward for letting me shop at a few stores was playing at the play area at Polaris

 Every time she's on this lion, she asks me to take her picture

She's constantly asking to go outside to do chalk and bubbles

Post-nap water painting

Just lounging on our bed watching a show while I showered & got ready on Tuesday morning

Another round of painting after breakfast before running a few more errands

Showing her painting to her ballerina

Driving the train at the Village Green Park near downtown Powell

 Packed a lunch so we wouldn't have to leave and go home to eat

 Tuesday was almost a perfect day in terms of the weather....hardly a cloud in the sky with lots of sun but not humid

By the time we were getting ready to leave & walk back home, we were the only people there

 After her nap, she wanted to play with the water table

Wednesday morning started with a trip to the Y (and just like last summer, when we leave the Y, she goes over to sit on the fence and wants me to take her picture)

Watering the flowers again

Helping me make a cake for book club that evening

Obviously the best part is licking the beaters!

The weather is finally turning around here and it was absolutely beautiful these past few days which meant we were able to spend lots of time outside.  It looks like this weekend should be even warmer too so I'm hoping our first trip to Zoombezi Bay for the season will be in our plans. 

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