Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Cecelia's First Few the Hospital

I had finished Cecelia's birth story with Lucy meeting her and our first family photo of the four of us. Like I mentioned, my parents brought Lucy as well as my sister-in-law and nephew, who were staying with them all week, to the hospital in the evening after Cece was born.  Sine she was born early in the afternoon on Monday and I had a smooth and easy delivery (only one little stitch), my doctor had said I could potentially go home the following day but Todd & I decided we wanted to stay the full two nights just so we could get some rest and ease into everything.  Plus, we felt like it might be our only alone time for a LONG time!  We sent Cece to the nursery in the evening, again so we could get some rest (we did the same thing with Lucy), and they brought her in to me when she needed to nurse, which only ended up being once each night.  She was really sleepy! 

Our family

Lucy had a special Big Sister bag waiting for her at the hospital

Grandma holding her 3rd grandchild

Grandpa taking a turn

Everyone hanging out in the hospital room

Lucy was very excited about "her baby" being here

Our nurse that evening was awesome and was trying to get Lucy as involved as possible with her little sister

Auntie Meghan with Cece

Cece's first bath

Lucy helped wash her feet

Rinsing her head off in the sink

Tuesday morning after taking a shower and putting "real" clothes on

Hospital pictures

My family came by again on Tuesday afternoon and dropped Lucy off for a few hours so we could spend some time with her and she could see her sister some more; Todd took her back to my parents' after dinner

Daddy and his girls

Love my girls

Lynn & Nathan stopped by to visit with their kids....hard to believe we have 4 kids now between the 2 of us!

Wednesday morning in the hospital and waiting to head home

On our way to the car

Another one with Todd in it

Heading home!

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