Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cecelia's First Few Home

We arrived home from the hospital with Cecelia last Wednesday, July 20.  My parents still had Lucy (she was swimming with Grandpa at the pool) so once we were home and settled in, they brought her back over so we could start our new life as a family of four.  

Lucy has been an awesome big sister and is constantly wanting to be around her (and check out how long her ponytail is....I swear, she got so much bigger & older once Cece arrived)

Helping daddy with diaper duty

Since I was feeling surprisingly good after my labor and delivery, we decided to venture outside the house on Thursday.  It's been really hot the past week & a half (90 degrees +) so we took Lucy to the Powell splash pad and playground for a little bit.  It felt good to get dressed, out of the house, and walk around.  Cece was great and just slept the whole time.  In the afternoon, we had her first well visit with the pediatrician.  Since we just got out of the hospital the day before, her weight hadn't changed much (6 lbs 14 oz) so she's still under her birth weight (7 lbs 3 oz) but there wasn't any concern over that since she was only 4 days old.  My family came over that evening for dinner and my mom made a birthday cake for Cece that Lucy helped decorate. We also gave Cece her first bath at home.

Hanging out at the splash pad playground

Snack break in the shade

First official outing as a family of four

Cece getting weighed at the pediatrician's office

Aunt Meghan & Cece

Lucy holding her

The 3 grandkids on my side of the family

Birthday cake for Cece

Lucy helping with bath time

My sister-in-law, Meghan, and I had pedicures scheduled for last Monday afternoon but they obviously got cancelled when I went into labor.  We ended up rescheduling them for Friday morning so I was able to take a quick break from the kids, thanks to Todd, to enjoy some time with Meghan.  Todd's parents also came into town that afternoon to meet their newest grandchild.  We walked down to the Daily Growler for their 2nd anniversary celebration and had lunch from a food truck there.  We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at home (well, I did make a trip to Target) and Todd's mom had brought homemade dinner for us all which was amazing and so thoughtful.  

So far, Cece has slept in her crib every night we've been home!

Lucy likes to wake her up in the morning

Eating lunch & enjoying some taster beers at Daily Growler with Todd's parents

The girls hanging out in the double stroller

MaMa & Lucy reading together

My in-laws spent the night and left late in the morning on Saturday because we had plans to meet up with my dad and sister-in-law at the pool before her and my nephew flew back to San Francisco on Sunday morning.  It was another hot day but Cece stayed nice & cool in the shade while Lucy played in the pool and jumped off the diving board for the first time!  That evening, we all went out to dinner to 101 Beer Kitchen for one last get together.  It was so great to have Meghan & William here all week and I'm glad that even though I ended up having Cece a few days early, we were all still able to hang out quite a bit.

MaMa holding Cece

MaMa & PaPa with Lucy & Cece...

and one more

Meghan & I hanging out at the pool with Cece in the stroller under the umbrella (Lucy & my dad were swimming)

Sleeping in the shade

Aunt Meghan helping Lucy jump off the diving board

She did it!

My parents with their 3 grandkids

Of course, who wouldn't eat their dessert first?  Lucy loved the buckeyes at 101 Beer Kitchen!

One more of the whole group before Meghan & William left to go back home the next morning

So far, Cece has been such a wonderful baby!  It's been much easier than I expected to get out and do things with 2 kids but of course, a lot of that has to do with the fact that Todd has been off work since she was born.  He goes back to work on Monday which is when the true test of how life with 2 kids will be for me on my maternity leave!

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