Friday, August 19, 2016

Another Week Down...

So I'm winding up my 5th week off on maternity leave (how am I already almost halfway through??) and my 3rd week on my own and I have to say, this week was the best so far out of those 3 weeks I've been on my own with both girls.  Last week was a bit hit or miss with Lucy (you never know when she's going to have a meltdown) so we had a couple really rough days where I was ready to go back to work.  This week though has been a different story.  Some days, we just hung out at home and others we ventured out for a few hours.  The only day that didn't go as planned was on Wednesday when Todd had taken a half day so we could go to the Clippers game at noon but of course, it was raining so we didn't end up going and Todd just worked at home the rest of the day.  The one bright side of Wednesday though was that my friend Sara ended up stopping by last minute with her daughter for a little bit in the morning to meet Cece and so the girls could play together.  It was awesome to catch up with her.

Lucy playing with Cecelia on Monday morning before we had friends over for a playdate

Nap time snuggles with my littlest while the big girl napped upstairs

Snoozing in the bouncy seat

We stopped by my work on Tuesday and then as a special treat, we went next door to the Anthony Thomas Candy Company factory so Lucy could pick out something and we ended up getting free Buckeye samples

Staring contest

On Thursday, my parents took Lucy to the zoo for a few hours in the morning and she was able to see the baby polar bear, Nora, before she leaves for another zoo in a couple weeks

Surfing at the new play area by the aquarium

This is what nap time looks like some days...half the time I have to wear Cece in the carrier so I can read Lucy a book before nap time and then they both usually fall asleep and I can put Cece in the swing or bouncy seat for the rest of her nap (and yes, Lucy is wearing a neck pillow)

Jeni's ice cream after dinner on Thursday

and we walked over to Cruz Candy to put a wish on the wishing tree (we're in trouble because Lucy wished for a pony)

This morning, we drove down to Goodale Park to play, have lunch at the North Market, and then stopped by Short North Piece of Cake to pick up our anniversary cake for tomorrow (5 years already!).

We were the only ones at the park

She loved this bouncy teeter tot

Going down the slide

We walked around the park a bit and Lucy found this gazebo which she turned into her stage and put on a show for me & Cece

Afterwards, we walked over to the North Market for lunch (Lucy eating mid-bite)

She can be a handful some days (aren't all toddlers?) but I love this girl more every day

Lunching with my girls

Prior to a major blowout and outfit change (see, it isn't always rainbows & butterflies)

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