Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Summer Weekend with Friends & Family

This past weekend seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye...and speaking of flying by, so is my maternity leave!  I can't believe Cece will be 1 month tomorrow and I'm already 1/3 through my leave.  Anyways, we started our weekend by going to a Touch-a-Truck event at the Polaris mall on Saturday morning.  Even though the event itself was pretty disappointing and there were hardly any trucks, we had fun hanging out with friends and Lucy & Olive managed to stay entertained especially once we made our way inside the mall to the play area.

Lucy peeking out the window of a SWAT truck

The view from the outside

Todd & Lucy climbing out the top of the truck

Lynn & I hanging out with our babies in the strollers

Can't pass up an ice cream sandwich!

Olive & Lucy climbing in the play area at the mall

Always has to sit on the lion

My girls

Todd's family came into town later on Saturday afternoon (our nephew & niece hadn't met Cecelia yet) so we hung out at our house for a few hours before heading to downtown Powell for dinner at Local Roots.  Thank god the food and company were great because the restaurant was extremely hot and the service was pretty lousy (which was our first bad experience with that there, typically everything is fantastic!).  We didn't get home until almost 9:00 PM so it was straight to bed for Lucy & Cece.

Todd's parents stayed with us that night and my sister-in-law's family stayed at a hotel so they met us back at our house on Sunday.  The original plan was to go to the zoo but of course, it finally decided to actually rain (we've hardly had any rain recently) so we nixed those plans and instead went out to lunch and hung out at our house.  The kids, mainly Lucy and our niece, didn't seem to mind and found plenty of things and toys to play with at our house.  It's nice when they come because Lucy has someone to play with!  It was hard to believe it was already 5:30 PM on Sunday when they packed up and left--the day just flew by!  Hoping we'll get a chance to see some of them again before Lucy's 3rd birthday party in a couple months.

Taking selfies with MaMa

The girls with MaMa & PaPa

Sleepy girl

Holding their newest cousin

Lucy posing on her chair

She insisted on her & Cece wearing their matching Big Sister/Little Sister shirts but Cece wasn't really feeling it

Maybe a few kisses will calm her down...

or not

First picture with MaMa & PaPa and all of their grandkids!

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