Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Halfway through Maternity Leave

6 weeks down, 6 weeks to go!

Last week started like any normal week for us while on maternity leave.  I try to get the kids out of the house at least once a day so Lucy can do something fun and run off some energy.  She was so good all week too which always makes things a little easier!  Todd had to work late Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night so I was pretty much on parent duty by myself all week since he wasn't getting home until 10:00 PM.  As it turned out, Todd is now on parent duty all this week because I ended up having another back surgery last Friday morning after I found I did in fact have another herniated disc (luckily, not the same disc as before because that would have been even worse) and surgery was pretty much my only option.  I had an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon on Thursday morning and they were amazing enough to get my insurance to approve it that day for the following morning (I literally got a call at 5:00 PM on Thursday telling me I was scheduled for surgery the next morning).  No one can pinpoint a reason why this keeps happening especially since I cut way back on high impact exercises/running and the only advice I was given was that it could possibly be from being pregnant/carrying kids so I probably shouldn't have any more.  Good thing Todd & I were just planning on 2 anyways!

So, needless to say, back surgery wasn't really on my to-do list while on maternity leave but the way I see it is, at least I'm already off work and I have the next 6 weeks to focus on getting healthy and back to my normal day-to-day activities with the kids.  I've taken off from teaching Spin/TRX at PAI through the end of the year so I don't feel a rush to try to get back before I'm actually ready.  I have my post-op follow up appointment in 2 weeks and will see what restrictions I still have at that point. Right now, I'm not supposed to pick up anything more than 10 pounds so I can't even pick up Cecelia since she is just at the 10 pound limit and I'm trying to be extra cautious. 

Here is a peak at what we did last week........

On Monday, I took Lucy & Cece to the Orange Library for their "dance party"

and afterwards, Lucy played with some games at the library...

and then we went over to the park right next door

Playing on the playground

and in the giant sandbox

Lucy helping Cece with tummy time

On Tuesday, we got out the activity mat for Cece to play with

We played with chalk and bubbles in the driveway...

and Lucy drove her car up and down the sidewalk

Beep beep! Coming through!

We also had Cece's 1 month well visit with the pediatrician on Tuesday afternoon.

On Wednesday, Lucy was such a big helper and helped me change Cece's diaper (she loves to do this every morning)

Happy baby while I showered and got ready

We went to the Polaris mall so Lucy could play and I could run a few errands and Cece slept for almost 3 hours in her car seat

Playing at the mall

She was so proud of herself that she climbed up there on her own

On Thursday, I had my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon  in the morning and was waiting around all day for a phone call if I was to have surgery or not the next day so we didn't really do anything that day.

Getting the girls ready for bed by myself on Thursday night...this was before we read Lucy's bedtime book

On Friday, I got one last picture with both my sweet girls before heading off to the outpatient center

Ready to go get fixed up

We dropped Lucy off at Mango's Place, a drop-off day care, for a few hours so Todd only had to deal with Cece while waiting at the surgery center for me

 That evening, after Lucy was in bed, Todd ran out to get a late dinner for us so I was able to give Cece her bottle (I had to pump & dump for 24 hours due to the anesthesia so I'm really glad I been stockpiling)

And this was me on Saturday, the day after surgery, trying to calm Cece down with her pacifier

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