Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Day at the Delaware County Fair

Although I was cleared by my orthopedic surgeon last week to start picking up Cecelia, I've known from past experience that sometimes he doesn't give me a long enough recovery time so to be cautious, I wanted to wait to pick her up until I was at least 4 weeks post-surgery to hopefully ensure I won't have a reherniation.  With that being said, my parents have still been coming over every day while Todd is at work to help me with the kids and will until tomorrow.  By Friday, I should finally be on my own and will hopefully get to enjoy my last 2 weeks of maternity leave.  

Last year, my mom took Lucy to the Delaware County Fair while I was at work and she remembered how much she enjoyed it so we decided to spend the day at the fair on Monday.  The weather was perfect, although almost a little too hot at times with the sun out and no clouds in the sky, and we were able to get up close with lots of animals.  Lucy had an awesome time (her favorite thing was watching the people walk their pigs around for the pig judging) and Cece slept the majority of the time we were there so it worked out great.  

The first animal building we went into had chickens, roosters, and rabbits

Lots of roosters!

Petting a cow

Lucy walking with Grandma & Grandpa while I push Cece in the stroller

She wasn't a huge fan of the bumpy gravel road

We stopped to watch the horse judging

Lucy milking a fake cow

This pregnant cow was due last week and was still pregnant on Monday

Lucy posing with a 3 week old calf

Petting a goat with Grandpa

They had a whole section of about 30-40 tractors you could sit on; I had to limit Lucy to just a few otherwise we would've been there all day

Beep beep!

After we saw most of the animals and tractors, we walked over to the midway with the food & rides; Lucy & Grandpa listened to some live music while I walked around with my mom & Cece.  Since it was lunch time, we decided to get some fair food (corn dogs and french fries!) and stopped to eat and sit down for a bit.  Lucy was very captivated by watching the rides while we ate and I was kinda glad that she was too little to ride them so we didn't have to worry about doing that.  After we ate, we walked around for just a little bit longer and then headed back home for the rest of the afternoon. 

View of the midway

Lucy the butterfly

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