Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Celebrating Todd's Birthday

Today is Todd's 36th birthday but since it's Tuesday and he has to work late tonight, we decided to celebrate this past weekend.  As you know, I love birthdays and I used to always plan some fun day trip or getaway for Todd to celebrate but since kids are now in the picture, it's a little bit more challenging to plan anything big; however, I still wanted to do some smaller things to show him that his girls love him and that we think he's the best husband and daddy.  

We started off his birthday celebration with donuts from Der Dutchman.  When I was off work on Friday, the girls & I drove out to Plain City to pick out some donuts for breakfast for the next few days.  Lucy helped pick them out and I think she did a pretty good job!  Of course, she was more concerned about her donut and wanted to make sure it had sprinkles on it.

The girls in the bakery at Der Dutchman with our box of donuts

These donuts are massive!  We got an apple fritter, buttermilk crullers, chocolate long johns, a pumpkin donut, and some cake donuts with icing and/or sprinkles

Snuggles with Cece once we got home

On Saturday morning, I was supposed to sub a Spin/TRX class at the fitness studio but no one showed up (which hasn't happened to me in years) so I was able to head back home and spend more time with Todd & the girls.  We honestly didn't have much planned for that day except making Todd's birthday cake and going out that evening so we were able to catch up on house work and yard work since we were out of the town the previous weekend.

Since I thought I was going to be teaching on Saturday morning, I left a bottle for Cece for when she woke up and Lucy was excited to feed her (I was actually already back home after she had just woken up and had to get this picture of them)

Todd's favorite candy bar is Take 5 so I found a recipe online for a Take 5 Cake and Lucy helped me make it that afternoon.  It was super easy to make and turned out great!  It's definitely one that I would make again and Todd loved it too.

My little baker helping me (with Cece staring me down in the background)

Our big plans to celebrate Todd's birthday were on Saturday night (or more like, late afternoon).  We had made reservations for the girls to go to Mango's Place (an hourly drop-off child care place right by our house) for a few hours so Todd & I could finally have some much  needed adult and alone time.  It was the first time the two of us had been out alone since June....which was before Cece was born!  We didn't even go out to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in August so to say a date night was overdue would be an understatement.  We had an early dinner at The Eagle in the Short North and then drove back up to Powell to have some beers at Daily Growler.  The southern style food at dinner was delicious and we even ate at the bar which was something we always enjoyed doing before kids.  Even though we were only gone for a little less than 3 hours, it was so refreshing to get out but I will admit, we were both anxious to pick up the girls since it was the first time we'd ever take Cece to Mango's Place.  Both of them did great though and Lucy was excited that she moved up to the big kid room there since she's now 3. 

Dinner at The Eagle

Drinks at the bar

Waiting for our food

 We decided to split a fried chicken sandwich since we wanted to order 3 side dishes: biscuits with honey butter & jam (which were probably my favorite thing of the meal), mac & cheese, and fries (the sauce that came with the fries was really tasty too!)

 We got the Daily Growler just in time to see the end of the Ohio State football game

Todd was very excited to play Battleship...which he dominated at; it was quite embarrassing how quickly he beat me

On Sunday afternoon, we invited my parents over for cake and presents to finish Todd's birthday celebration.  Todd has been working on finishing the basement pretty much since we moved in 4 years ago and is currently working on his beer making room.  He was excited to get some equipment for that room as well as a "Crowler of the month card" from the Daily Growler.  I know he had a great weekend and I'm so glad we were able to celebrate his big day!

Family pic

Todd with his girls

Blowing out the candles

Opening presents

He was so excited for his beer equipment

A crowler from Daily Growler

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