Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas 2016

After Santa came early on Christmas morning, Todd & I went to bed between 1:30-2:00 AM to get a few hours of sleep before the girls woke up.  Somehow we lucked out and they weren't up until almost 8:00 AM! Of course, I was already up before then so I was getting anxious for Lucy to wake up so she could start opening her presents. Once Lucy & Cece were up, we headed downstairs and the first thing Lucy saw was her new dollhouse and she was so excited!  She hadn't asked for one but I knew whenever we went some place (friends' houses, library, etc.) that had one, that was always the first thing she'd play with.  She was a good girl this year though because the 2 things she did ask Santa for she ended up getting---Doc McStuffins legos and a salon chair for her Bitty Baby.  It took awhile to open presents because she would open one and want to play with it before opening another one.  Santa got Cece a few new toys of her own so not everything for her now is a hand-me-down from Lucy.  She also had fun playing with/eating the wrapping paper and bows all morning.  Around noon, we went to my parents' for more presents and spent the rest of the day hanging out there and eating Christmas dinner.  

Despite cramming a lot in in just a few days, it was such a great Christmas and I know the girls (or at least Lucy!) really enjoyed the holiday.  I will admit though I was glad Christmas landed on a Sunday this year because it meant I had Monday off of work as my holiday and we were able to spend the day recuperating from our holiday hangover.

We caught Santa setting out presents!

Lucy checking out the dollhouse she saw as soon as she walked in the family room

She was really excited!

Then, she noticed the salon chair for Bitty Baby

And immediately wanted to start playing with it but I said we had to do our official family photo first...

so here's our obligatory Christmas pj picture (doesn't Lucy look thrilled?)

After the picture, it was time to open stockings

Lots of fun goodies

Opening a present

Cece was there too opening a present

but she was having some trouble so I figured I'd help her

Lucy helping open one of Cece's presents (one of my Christmas presents was a tripod for my new camera I got for my birthday so Todd would randomly run over and set the timer to snap some family pictures)

Showing Cece her new "jewelry box"

Lucy was too interested in her toys to look at the camera by this point

Cece eating a bow

She was so happy to crinkle up the wrapping paper

Checking out her new toys

Todd reading a new book that Lucy got

Already styling Bitty Baby's hair

My parents' Christmas tree


My dad was really excited about the beers & beer caddy that Todd had picked out for him based on a beer calendar he gets every year

Lucy opening presents from Grandma & Grandpa

Lucy & Grandma helping Cece with her presents

New baking set for her kitchen

Cece got her first baby doll

Posing next to her new easel

Cecelia got a name stool that's just like Lucy's stool that she got a couple years ago for Christmas

Lucy & Cece with Grandma & Grandpa

Rodrick family

Seriously, she takes after her dad

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