Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Cookie Tradition

My all-time favorite Christmas tradition that I've done since I was a kid is decorating Christmas cookies.  My dad used to do it as a kid with his siblings and continued the tradition with my brother and I.  Last year, my mom handed the reins over to me and now I'm in charge of this fun tradition. Since Todd was still in Japan on Saturday (he was there all last week for work & got back on Saturday evening), I thought it was the perfect day for Lucy & I to make the cookies and have some mommy-daughter time (Cece was napping during this time...don't worry, I didn't forget about her!).  Then, on Sunday, Todd & my dad joined us in icing the cookies and we've been enjoying eating them all week long.

Got our aprons on and ready to bake

Helping me measure out the flour

Lucy was very excited about the angel cookie cutter

Cheesin' for mommy

Cutting out some cookies

Cece joined us after her nap (if you notice my outfit change, it's because after we made the dough, it had to sit in the fridge for a few hours before we could cut out the cookies and in that time, I took a shower)

Ready to be iced and decorated!

Everyone hard at work on their cookie decorating

 Lucy's favorite color is red so it was no surprise she wanted to do a red angel

Her plate of cookies

Family time

Again, Cece joined us after her nap

Lucy's favorite part---eating the cookies!


After she ate most of her cookie, she moved on to eating the leftover sprinkles on her plate

Colored teeth + hands from eating the icing & sprinkles = good time

The finished cookies

Hmmm...I wonder which ones Lucy did?

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