Monday, January 30, 2017

Day Trip to Mansfield, Ohio

Todd was in LA last week for business and took the red eye home on Thursday night to get back to our house before 8:00 AM on Friday morning.  Since flying overnight counted as his work day, he was able to spend the day with us and we decided to head up an hour north of us to Mansfield.  We spent a couple hours at the Little Buckeye Children's Museum and then stopped for lunch at the Buckeye Express Diner.  

The Little Buckeye Children's Museum was small, which is what I expected, but super cute and fun and they packed a lot into such a small building.  There were 28 different exhibits like a grocery store, construction site, hair salon, doctor's office, school, mechanic shop, etc. that the kids could explore and play around in.  We probably could've stayed longer than 2 hours but our parking meter was going to expire and the girls were getting hungry.  We drove about 15 min south on our way back to Columbus to stop for lunch at the Buckeye Express Diner.  Any time we drive up to see Todd's family, I always notice this train car sitting up on a hill off of an exit on 71.  I looked it up once and found out that it was actually a restaurant in the train car and I've been wanting to stop for years now to check it out.  I  knew Lucy would think it was pretty cool to eat in a train car so I thought it'd be a fun place to stop for lunch.

Outside the museum

The "baby doc" exhibit

Lucy was checking a baby's heart

Hello, Cece!

Beauty Salon exhibit

Lucy straightening hair

Vet clinic exhibit

View down the hallway of the water table area on the left and more exhibits, like the construction area, on the right

Lucy dressed up like a construction worker

Todd & Lucy performing on the stage in the theater exhibit

Watching Todd on the stage while "eating" our popcorn

Grocery shopping

Girl after my heart...she made sure she got some Cool Whip

Working the check out

Pretending to be a bank teller

Playing at the water table area

Another view of some of the exhibits

Lucy sitting in the dentist chair

Checking out her teeth

Playing in the school

Cece & Todd

They even had a McDonald's exhibit

Lucy getting my order ready

Train exhibit

Buckeye Express Diner

She was really excited to look out the train window

Waiting for our lunch

View of the train car

Cece dined on a mum mum...

and some pears

Lunch is served

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