Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trip to the Zoo in January

I never would've thought we'd make a trip to zoo in January in Ohio but sure enough that's what we did on Saturday.  It was 60 degrees over the weekend and it felt so good to be outside walking around and not bundled up.  I will admit though, I hope that we do get at least one decent snow in the next couple months so Lucy can get outside and play in it.  

 Colo, the first gorilla born in captivity & oldest gorilla in the world, just recently died at the zoo so they had a memorial set up outside the entrance for her

Now that Lucy is 3 she needed her own membership card (we do the individual gold memberships which includes the zoo, Zoombezi Bay, and all the fun extras like the train ride, carousel, camel rides, giraffe feedings, etc) so she was practicing her smile while we waited in line to get her picture taken

Climbing on the moose sculpture

Always hanging out in the stroller

Looking at the reindeer

Cece had fallen asleep by this point so she didn't join us for our family picture

Snuck a picture of Todd & Lucy in the aviary attraction

I couldn't believe how many flamingos were out; there had to have been 20-25

Another memorial to Colo

Todd & I also had a date night that evening.  A new coworker of mine had mentioned that she was available to babysit if we ever needed a sitter so we finally took her up on her offer and Todd & I enjoyed a night out.  We saw Steve Byrne at Funny Bone and then got a bite to eat afterwards (which, by the way, was an adventure in itself...I had no idea there would be 1-1.5 hour wait times at restaurants at 9:00 PM; seriously, it blew my mind).

At the bar area of Funny Bone waiting to go inside for the show

Our view of the stage

We had such a fun night out; it felt like old times when we used to go to shows and do this kind of stuff on a regular basis

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