Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year's Weekend

Since Todd was off work all week, he was home when I got home from work on Friday and we decided we'd try to hit up an early dinner/happy hour at Forno in the Short North.  Typically, we don't ever go out to dinner on Friday evenings because by the time Todd gets home from work after 6:00 PM, most places would already have a long wait and that doesn't work well with 2 little kids.  We got to Forno around 4:45 PM but unfortunately, for us, a lot of other people had the same idea because there was already over an hour wait for a table.  Since we were downtown, Todd suggested Dirty Frank's for hot dogs, tots, and cheap beers.  We only had to wait about 5 minutes for a table and while it wasn't necessarily what I was hoping we'd have for dinner, I know Todd & Lucy enjoyed it.

Lucy had the Octodog...

which was a hot dog cut up like an octopus on top of some mac & cheese

Cece was content in her car seat

Todd & I each had a gourmet hot dog and split some tots, fries, and small pretzel

 On Saturday, I subbed a Spin/TRX class in the morning and then we spent the rest of the morning/early afternoon at home until Natalie's princess birthday party.  It was nice to spend some time with friends on New Year's Eve during the day since we didn't have any plans that night besides make some food and watching the Ohio State game.  Also, I'm glad that Lucy's likes my friend's kids and these "forced" friendships have actually become real friendships.

Lucy has been spending some time perfecting her drawing skills with her new easel

Natalie opening presents at the party

The birthday girl getting ready to blow out her candles

 Todd (and Cece) hung out with some of the other guys and watched football during the party 

When we got home from the party, Lucy helped me make the icing for the cake I had made for that night

 It turned out great and was super moist

We also made Auntie Anne's pretzels from scratch...

 and Four Cheese & Artichoke fondue

 So tasty

We woke up on New Year's Day and were excited we still had 2 days off of work (thank goodness for holidays landing on the weekend)!  I taught another Spin/TRX class mid-morning and besides a trip to the grocery store, we pretty much just hung out at home the rest of the day.  Todd has been working on putting up the backsplash in his beer room in the basement all week and after yesterday, he's pretty much done.  This was the first chance he's really had time to work on it since Cece was born (he tiled the floor last spring and ordered the sink and tables) so I know he was glad to make more progress.  While he was in the basement and Cece was napping, I was able to spend some one-on-one time playing with Lucy.  To top the day off, I felt spoiled when Todd made New Year's dinner for us---cabbage & noddles, kielbasa, and homemade biscuits.  I was hesitant a few years ago when I had cabbage & noddles for the first time but they are very tasty, I promise!

I'm always impressed with Todd's handyman skills and this backsplash (it doesn't actually go all the way up to the ceiling) looks fantastic

Playing with her new dollhouse

Todd & I both had off work yesterday as well so I went to the Y to work out when they opened at 5:15 AM so I could be home, showered, and ready when the girls woke up.  Once they were up & dressed, we headed to Polaris for breakfast at Duck Donuts and some play time at the mall.  We got home around lunch time, watched part of the Rose Bowl parade, and while both girls napped at the same time, Todd was able to get a couple more hours of work done in the basement while I did laundry and read (I'm currently reading The Magnolia Story by Chip & Joanna Gaines).

On Mondays, we take Cece's weekly picture and Lucy typically wants in on a picture also; Cece wasn't having any of it this week...

but these sisters do love each other so much....they were just staring at each other later for the longest time

Lucy watching them make donuts at Duck Donuts

They make plain cake donuts and then you customize the donuts with toppings; Lucy wanted sprinkles (of course), Todd got peanut butter glaze with bacon and chocolate drizzle, and I got almost the same thing but got Oreo pieces instead of bacon

Since Duck Donuts just opened recently, it was pretty crowded and there weren't any tables left so we ended up taking ours to the mall and ate at the food court before Lucy played

I'm pretty sure she was singing and putting on a show

Cece fell asleep

Lucy & Todd playing together

 It's been really nice this past week having Todd off work but tomorrow we're both back to the grind and will have to look forward to next weekend to spend more quality family time together.

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