Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cold Winter Weekend

It's that time of year where the high temperature of the day is below freezing and we don't venture outside quite as much as we did just a couple months ago.  I swear too, it takes an extra 10-15 minutes to get the girls ready now just because of all the layers we have to put on them to leave.  I'm already ready for summer!  
On my day off on Friday, I asked Lucy what she wanted to do and she said eat at the red chicken place which is what she calls the North Market (they have a rooster logo) so that's exactly what we did for lunch.  I packed a few things for Lucy to eat and then we got pretzels from Brezel and ice cream from Jeni's.  She had so much fun eating there and people watching; on our way home she was already asking when we could go back.  

Lucy eating her pretzel

Brezel pretzels are my favorite pretzels by far and on Friday I tried their Asiago & Spinach one with cream cheese as a dip

Lucy watching all the people down below walking around the North Market

 I love our little adventures we take 

 Treated her to some Gooey Butter Cake ice cream (with sprinkles!)

 Cece was all smiles while we were there too

Todd's parents came into town on Saturday for a family party/get together at one of his dad's cousin's house in Upper Arlington so we hung out there for awhile and saw some family we hadn't seen in 3 years (Lucy was only 3 months old the last time).  Lucy & Cece were the only little kids so Lucy made friends with a couple of the high school/college girls that were there.  She actually asked me yesterday too if her new friends could come over to play and I didn't know who she was talking about until she said the girls she played with at the house where MaMa & PaPa were.  She's just so sweet sometimes and makes friends with everyone.

PaPa with two of his granddaughters

Happy girl

After church and lunch on Sunday, Todd's parents headed back home and we hung out at our house the rest of the day.  The big event that night was Cece trying her first taste of solid foods!  We were going to hold off until later next week when she turned 6 months but since she's been sitting in the high chair for dinner the past couple weeks, she's acted really interested in our food.  I thought for sure she would eat up all her sweet potatoes and want more, like big sister Lucy on her first time trying food, but nope, she wanted nothing to do with it.  Similar to what we did with Lucy, we're trying to do a combination of spoon-fed eating with purees and baby led weaning where she can feed herself with steamed/soft food.   We'll try again with sweet potatoes for the next few nights and then will move onto green beans and avocado before trying fruit next week.

Cece didn't even attempt to pick up any of the sweet potatoes so I had to put a piece in her mouth...

which she spit out

 I attempted the sweet potato puree/baby food next...

and it wasn't much better

She pretty much refused to take another bite...

and looked like she was terrified of the spoon

 First attempt at food = fail

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emily said...

I don't blame her for not liking the sweet potatoes!!! Yuck!

Hope to see you next Friday! :)