Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Party, Pizza, and Fun

Our weekend looked like this:

On Saturday, I taught a class at PAI, we watched Beauty & the Beast, went to a birthday party at TreeHive Cafe + Play, and went to dinner at Cucinova.  On Sunday, we went grocery shopping, I took a class at PAI, we went to the mall, and I made a tasty dinner that evening.

While Cece napped, Lucy & I watched Beauty & the Beast....she'd been asking to watch it recently so I reserved it from the library

 Cece is hit or miss for a how long her morning nap will be but she is great at taking a nice, long afternoon nap

Cafe space at TreeHive was transformed into a Thomas the Train birthday party for Rexton's 2nd birthday (one of Todd's friend's sons)

It was a great place for a party because the big kids could play in the supervised play area while the adults (and babies) could actually hang out and talk; we were able to relax on the couch and chat with friends while Lucy played

They had brought Chick-fil-A as well as some fruit and veggie trays for the kids to eat

Lucy loves Chick-fil-A nuggets so she was one happy girl (yes, she has a black eye too....she tripped last week and fell right into the windowsill in Cece's room; the actual cut was really small but I think she hit just in the right spot to get a nice black eye)

Peeking into the play area to see what was going on

After the party, Cece was ready to burn off some energy in her jumperoo before we went to dinner

Cucinova is like the same concept as Chipotle but with pizza, pasta, and salads; Todd's pizza had mushrooms and pepperoni with marinara sauce...

and I got half mushroom & pepperoni with creamy parmesan sauce and plain cheese with marinara on the other half (Lucy shared with me)

On Sunday morning, Lucy & Cece were having fun "playing" together

They had a big lego exhibit set up at the Polaris mall right outside the kids' play area so Lucy wanted to check it out before playing

And after playing (it was so crazy there that day), Lucy wanted to stop by her 2 favorite stores: the Disney store & Pottery Barn Kids (where she found this train set to play with)

Made brussel sprouts for the first time for dinner on Sunday evening & while Todd & I loved them, Lucy told me I probably shouldn't make them again; I will give her credit though and was happy she at least tried one before deciding she didn't like them

Pretty low key weekend which is how our next few will look too with some random things planned here and there.  

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