Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Birthday Party, Date Night, & the Super Bowl

We had quite a bit planned this past weekend and while I say now that our next few weekends look pretty open, I'm sure things will pop up that will fill them up.  Lucy had another birthday party to go to on Saturday late morning/early afternoon (her fourth in just about a month!) which I don't mind because it gives Todd & I chance to hang out with our friends without having to find a babysitter.  

Tyler's 1st birthday party was Sesame Street themed

Lots of fun snacks & treats like dirt pudding (Oscar & Slimy's trash cans) and chocolate covered pretzels (Abby's magic fairy wands)

Cece playing with a new toy (which reminded us that we have this toy at home in the basement)

Tyler getting ready to blow out the candle on his smash cake

Cece & Keegan "playing" together (never got any pictures of Lucy as she was too busy playing with the other kids her age)

That evening, Todd & I had plans for a big night out! For Christmas, my parents had given us tickets to see The Little Mermaid at the Ohio Theatre which also included a night of babysitting too.  Since we won't be going out to celebrate Valentine's Day, we figured we'd count this as our celebration and go to dinner before the show so we made reservations for The Pearl.  We've only gone to eat there once when it first opened four years ago and it also happened to be early on in my pregnancy with Lucy so I remember enjoying it but not as much as I wish since I was nauseous throughout my first trimester.  Unfortunately, Todd & I left dinner on Saturday night not as impressed with the restaurant as we were hoping.  It was good but not as good as other Cameron Mitchell restaurants and our server wasn't the best either.  For the price of food at Cameron Mitchell restaurants, we expect both the food and service to be top notch.  

Obligatory date night photo (when we don't dress up very often, it's worth documenting!)

 The best part of the meal was Todd's drink (Peanut Butter and Pearl Jam)...

 and our appetizer, Devils on Horseback (cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon)

Todd had the Hanger Steak for his main course...

 and I had the Pub Burger 

We split their signature dessert, Brown Sugar & Butter Pie

Outside the theatre

Sign for the show

Our playbill 

Waiting for the show to start

View of the stage from our seats 

And while I never took a single picture on Sunday, it is worth noting that we went to Sara & Jay's house for a low key Super Bowl party.  Their kids were there as well as Abby & Ryan's two kids (friends of Sara & Jay's; while we'd never met Ryan before, I used to work with Abby years ago and have since hung out with her several times for play dates) so Lucy had fun running around with the kids while Cece just chilled with Todd & I.  We left their house just a little before half time to get the girls home for bed but it was nice to see our friends especially since Sara is due with #3 in just a few weeks.

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