Monday, February 13, 2017

Hanging out with Our Girls

My goal every day we're with the girls for the whole day (Fridays + the weekend) is to get out of the house at least once to avoid going stir crazy.  We've been working on trying to get Cece on more of a morning nap schedule because she doesn't sleep on the go as well any more so most activities have to be planned in the late morning.  On Friday, we ventured to the Westerville Community Center for their toddler time.  I think it had been about a year since I had taken Lucy so she seemed like one of the bigger kids there this time and she definitely enjoyed the arts & crafts room more than last year.  Afterwards, we made our monthly trip to the North Market for lunch which was a bit more challenging now that Cece is eating solids so I actually had to put her in a high chair and feed her.

Lucy riding the "roller coaster"

Lucy spent most of her time either playing on the roller coaster, riding around in the cars, or running down the cheese mat

Cece & I hung out on the mat while watching Lucy (and I purposely put the pacifier in her mouth to avoid her putting all the other toys in her mouth especially since she already has a little bit of a cold)

Making a Valentine for daddy

Play doh

Making a Valentine crown

Lunch at the North Market (I have no idea what Lucy is doing); I usually pack a lunch for the girls and then we get pretzels from Brezel and ice cream from Jeni's

Cece was such a big girl sitting in a highchair

Lucy's view this time was of the butcher shop; she was watching them make meatballs and cut up some ribs

Posing with her ice cream


On Saturday morning, we went to the Y where Todd took Lucy swimming.  We're going to Florida next month and figured we should get her into the water again before we leave.  We put Cece in the child watch so I could work out for about 30 minutes and then her & I watched Lucy & Todd swim for about another 30 minutes.  Despite the water being a little cold, Lucy had a great time swimming and it makes me really excited about going to the beach in a few weeks.  While Cece napped in the afternoon, Lucy & I ran a bunch of errands (aka returned online orders) and then we all went to dinner at BJ's Brewhouse.  Again, now that Cece is eating, going out to eat isn't quite as enjoyable and relaxing as it was with just Lucy so we might not be going out quite as often.

Taking a quick break from swimming to warm up for a few minutes

Hanging out with Cece while watching Lucy & Todd swim

Heading back into the water

Swimming to daddy

Jumping off the edge

Todd & his beer flight

I've been on somewhat of a healthy eating kick lately (seriously, I've only had dessert a few times in the last month which is unheard of for me!) and I ordered these Mediterranean Chicken Pita Tacos which were so tasty and on their "Enlightened Menu"; I need to figure out how to recreate these at home

Cece enjoying some sweet potatoes

Sunday always seems like our catch up day and our day we pretty much spend at home.  The morning is always crazy with church and the grocery store and Cece is usually a little cranky when we get home because she's skipped her morning nap.  Todd & I have talked about taking turns going to church and alternating weeks so one of us can take Lucy to Sunday school and one of us can stay home while Cece naps.  All I know is by lunch time on Sundays, I feel like it should already be dinner time!

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