Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays to celebrate...mainly because I love all things pink and chocolate.  Now that we have 2 little girls to love on, it was extra special this year and we made sure to celebrate all day long.  

Lucy & Cece got a Valentine's package in the mail from MaMa & PaPa on Monday afternoon and were so excited to open it up to see what special goodies were sent.  Lucy got all her favorites--stickers, stamps, and chocolate as well as a new pair of pjs.  Cece got some adorable onesies and she was thrilled to play with the tissue paper.

Lucy LOVES stickers

New heart pjs for the summer

Cece opening her present

Checking out her new cute onesies

Such a sucker for matching holiday pjs....and I'm not gonna lie, I totally would've bought a pair for myself if they had them in my size

On my way home from teaching Spin/TRX yesterday morning, I swung by Tim Horton's to get a special sprinkle donut for Lucy (and a raspberry filled donut for Todd) to start off our Valentine's day celebration.  I had to work my normal hours in the morning but Todd had taken part of the day off to go to Lucy's preschool party.  I went to her Christmas party in December and since she could only bring one special person, she chose daddy to come this time.  They were already home and finishing up lunch when I got home from work.  Lucy had requested heart pancakes and Todd happily obliged.

The girls in their heart shirts early in the morning before I left for work

Lucy was excited to see a sprinkle donut waiting for her in the kitchen

So yummy!

Making a necklace at her preschool party

Todd & Lucy at preschool

Lucy's heart shaped pancake for lunch

My little sweetheart

Before dinner, we spoiled the girls a bit more with some presents from us as well as presents that Grandma & Grandpa had given them the day before to open on Valentine's day.  Lucy & Cece are so sweet and we have so much fun celebrating these fun little holidays with them.  We ended our day with a our traditional Valentine's dinner from Raising Cane's.  We're fancy like that.

The girls getting ready to open a few presents

Digging right in

Lucy got some Ariel accessories to go with her Ariel costume

Again, Cece was just happy to play with the tissue paper

Opening a present from Grandma & Grandpa

Cece eating a card (notice a theme here?)

Valentine's day overload

Cece with her first homemade Valentine from Grandpa

and Lucy with her homemade valentine from him (he even still made me one too!)

Nothing says romance like chicken tenders and fries

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